Please help my 2002 Durango

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My problem started with my airbag light coming on intermint. My hubby disconnected the battery for 1 hour. When he reconnected it and I tried to start the truck the RPM's went all the way up and it died. Every time I start it, it dies. I have it at the garage and they don't know whats wrong. they replaced the central timing module and that didn't work. I am using the chipped key, the code its throughing out is security key not working. We are so confused, I need my truck back. Anyone have any ideas. Please help.


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    Your going to need a shop that either has the Chrysler DRBIII scan tool or J2534 reflashing capability to fully access the security system on your car. The first thing that has to be determined is if the SKIM (sentry key) is commanding the car to shut down, or if the PCM is simply not receiving the SKIM message in the data stream. A properly trained and equipped technician can handle this system with ease. If there are no independent shops near you that have made the investment to have the tools that are required you have no choice but to get this to a dealer.
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