Changed out headlights/tailights, now have electrical issues

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Looking for any ideas on this subject: I recently installed new headlight/taillights on my 2004 RAM 1500 SLT and now every time I use the turn signals they sound an alarm and the "lamps out" light flashes. This only happens at night when I have turned on the headlight switch. This is what I have attempted thus far to remedy the problem: replaced ALL bulbs on the exterior of the truck, replaced the headlight switch, replaced the multi-function switch and last replaced both tail light socket panels. Everything was working fine before I replaced them, so I pulled them back out and just left the bulbs in and still same problem, as soon as I turn on the headlight switch everything gets weird. As long as I don't turn on the headlight switch everything functions perfectly. I thought that maybe I have a bad relay but it appears it's built in and not replaceable? That seems strange, but from what I've read that's what I understand it to be.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem before, or have any suggestions? I hate to take it to a dealer. Would there be a code that I can trace back that would give a better idea of where to look?

I could really use some help and ideas.



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    Hello! You say the first thing you did was to replace the lights and before that they worked fine. Did you just replace the covers, the bulbs, or the whole lighting units? Not all driving light units are compatible with some of today’s computerized vehicles. If the whole unit, did they plug right in or did you have to splice or solder? Never actually worked on this problem before, but I understand that there is fuse box under the hood, and that it contains a circuit board that tends to cause these problems. if you are electronically inclined you might want to check out that board for shorts. And maybe some other members here have other suggestions. Good luck!
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