Radio will not turn on. 2002 Grand Cherokee Special Edition.

2002_gc_se2002_gc_se Member Posts: 1
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So i have the 2002 grand cherokee special edition all time 4 wheel drive with the 4.0 v6 engine. i had an aftermarket sony(ikr) radio and it was working just fine. Had the key turned to acc so i could listen to the radio while i strapped up the kayak, was working fine playing loud. When i got done i took the keys out went inside and did a few things then left i realized the radio was not working. So once i got home i decided to rewire everything to the radio hoping that would fix it, but it didn't. I then decided to take that radio out and put my stock radio back in; 1disc in radio 10 disc changer in the back, along with the tape player on the radio unit as well. Got it all hooked up turned on my jeep and still nothing. So i then decided to check the fuses for the radio and the radio amplifier, both looked fine but yet my radio still does not turn on. Any answers would be appreciated.


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