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2015 Equinox battery drain

mi_yoopermi_yooper Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Chevrolet
My Equinox needs a jump every time I want to drive it (at 1300 miles). After some Google search it seems this is a common problem. Did anyone find a solution to this??


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    ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    For a 2015 with that milage the only solution I would look for is from dealer ( unless its really simple thing like your leaving it for weeks at a time without starting it)
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    joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    edited July 2015
    If you have a multimeter you can check for a parasitic draw. Disconnect the negative battery cable, and put the meter on Amperage reading, place the black lead on the battery ground terminal, and the red lead on the metal battery cable hoop, the amperage should be very low, somewhere around 0.05 or lower amps. If it is significantly higher than this that means there is a parasitic drain which is causing the battery to die down. Do this after you jumped the battery otherwise if the battery is dead it won't give accurate readings. Also do this with the car OFF.
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