Chrysler Voyager/Dodge Caravan Prices Paid and Buying Experience 2003-2007

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Please relate your buying experience here. Town & Country owners welcome too!

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    I bought my last two vans from Hayes Chrysler in Lawrenceville, GA (Gwinnett County, northeast metro Atlanta) and had two very good experiences. In 2001, we bought a new base Chrysler Voyager in dark green with the upgraded V6, power win/locks/mirr, CD and dark windows. Their selling price was about $600 higher than the Norcross, GA Carmax, but Hayes gave us $2500 more for our trade, a 1997 Hyundai Sonata GLS with V6. Very courteous and pleasant to work with. In April of this year, we wanted an update. I did not want a T&C as the size of the Voyager was perfect for the type of driving we do here in Atlanta. Plus, we only take one big trip a year, so the added space would just be wasted the other 51 weeks of the year. So, taking advantage of the great offers through Chrysler Financial, we went back to Hayes and traded for a white 2003 Chrysler Voyager LX with the quad captain's chairs and split folding rear bench, ABS, keyless and roof rack--all things my 2001 did not have. Our payment actually went down even though the van's price tag was higher! Again, great service and would definitely recommend them. My mother-in-law was in the market for something new last year and she also bought from Hayes due to our good experience.
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    "The price for one popular version of the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan is up $1,170; other versions are up $405. The incentive has increased $666. Chrysler's destination charge went up $55."

    As auto incentives head higher, so do prices

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    Sounds like the incentives increased by more than the price hikes on most of the vans--so consumers will still come out ahead. Prices on automobiles have to go up over time. New cars can't cost $1500 forever!
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    I posted this in another thread, but my wife and I took delivery on a T&C Limited this evening for close to 4K under sticker, minus another 4500 in incentives. Great experience, great dealer. Got financed at 3.9% to boot!
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    Got a letter today saying the A/C compressor of my 2003 Voyager LX was now covered for 7 years or 70k mi, whichever comes first. It appears that there was a problem with the lubrication on some of these, so they are covering all of them for an extended length to take care of problems we may come across in the future. I think that's pretty good pro active customer service.
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    With the 2005 and the stow and go on dealer lots the incentives on the 2004 models are high. $2000 cash back plus 0% financing on the Caravan STX short wheel base AND an additional $1000 on your trade-in. Some dealers are also giving dealer discounts in addition to the manufacturers. I got a price of $18590 (includes rebates) plus tax tags and destination charges. Trying to get one for 17,200 plus tax/tags. Wondering is it possible to get a new van for under $20,000 out the door that isn't a KIA SEDONA?
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    I just answered my own question. We got a 2004 Caravan SXT for $20,500 out the door. So we did almost get it for 20,000. It was the last one on the lot. It had the popular equipment pkg, quad seating, cd player, roof rack, alloy wheels and power drivers seat. The other van we got a price of 18,590 only had a roof rack as the options in it. We got this much nicer one for 18,890 plus tax and fees for 20,500. We are happy and love the silver color too. Waiting an extra month got us a much better deal and a nicer van too.
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    congrats and best to you
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    Wife and I purchased a loaded SXT tonight for $11000 of sticker. MSRP'd at 35, got it for 24 with no trade. Wife and I were not really looking for a loaded van but we got a really nice van for basically the price range we were shooting for. I should state that it was an end of the month last hour deal.
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    I'm looking at DGC right now, and all the dealers are offering 6k in dealer cash to reduce the invoice price, I would love to get a DGC for 11k off sticker but don't know where the discount are from.

    sticker ~35k
    invoice ~32k (just over)
    DC Emp price ~31k
    Dealer emp price ~32K (just under)
    holdback 1K

    the only way I figure these sums add up is if the dealer sold it at DC emp price 31k less the dealer cash of 6k, and gave away all the hold back of 1K for a total of 24k.

    Is this something that very many dealers would/could do? I think it's a great deal, but in my area, I'm finding a hard bottom around 26k

    usually advert at 8k under MSRP ~(27k)
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    Any recent buyers in Michigan feel free to reply:

    A newspaper reporter would like to talk with recent minivan buyers who live in Michigan. Please respond to [email protected] or [email protected] with your daytime phone number by Thursday, June 17, 2004. Thanks,

    Jeannine Fallon, PR Director

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    We just bought a 2005 SXT with a Power Liftgate as the only option (The base STX is loaded with options, such as 3-zone A/C, roof rack, 2 power side doors, keyless entry, garage door opener, 2 row Stow-n-go, and much more). The window sticker has a base of $26,315 plus $400 for the power liftgate and $680 for destination for a total of $27,395 on the sticker. Edmunds says the sticker should be $27,585, I'm not sure why there is a difference. We negotiated to $25,132. There is a $1000 cash rebate, a $1000 trade-in rebate (we did have a trade), and a $1000 rebate if you finance with Chrysler Financial for a total of $3000 in rebates. Edmunds says my trade is worth about $1700 and they gave me $1750. That brought us to $20,382. Add in $1457.01 for taxes, a $53.52 Document Fee, and $80 for title and transfer, and we financed $21972.53 total with no cash out of pocket. We haven't had it a week yet, but we love it. We couldn't find an SE with the options we required (3-zone a/c, roof rack, and 2nd row bucket seats) that didn't have more options that brought it near the SXT price range. And the SE's don't have stow&go (unless you get the SE PLUS which is an expensive option). So, for us, the SXT was the way to go, and we love the power liftgate (even though we didn't need/want it).
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    I just purchased and 05 GC SXT with the following options: Linen Gold Paint, Premium Group, Center Console, Entertainment System, 6 disc cd/dvd. I did not get the leather as we were dissapointed in the quality of the leather and prefered the cloth. The MSRP was 30,645. Invoice was $28,480 (incl "advertising" for MD) We paid 27,800 plus an additional $3000 in rebates. (1000 cash back, 1000 financing through Chrysler cash back, 1000 cash back for trade). I "traded" in a worthless shell of an old pickup truck that our company had for which they gave me $1 to get the $1000 trade rebate. Total Price paid before Title, Tax, and Tag was 24,800.
    It definitely pays to shop around and be willing to walk out. I had 9 dealers tell me that it was impossible to sell me the vehicle for that price since it was well below invoice.
    I also didn't find out about the trade "rebate" until another dealer revealed it to me. No wonder all the dealers were pushing me for a trade because they could make that 1000 instead of me if I didn't ask for it.
    It's a beautiful car (as far as minivans go) and we are excited about it.
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    I see you mentioned 3 rebates, cash , financing and trade-in. Are they still offering all 3? Need a new van this month and am looking at a DGC SE - Any thoughts?
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    "Meanwhile, minivans have gained the most market share, climbing from 6.8 percent to 7.7 percent, while their average incentives decreased from $2,807 to $2,678."

    NBC4 TV

    Here's our Incentives and Rebates link.

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    what is a good price for a left over 04 model. Likely the Sport model Dodge which appears popular and I don't see any options I'd add.
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    Last weekend the wife wanted to test drive a Pacifica and a Town & Country. (Central Florida Chrysler, Jeep Dodge) Not enough room in the Pacifica. Also had looked at the Quest. Found the one we wanted but explained to the salesman that we couldn't buy that day because the vehicle had to go through the business. However, I did mention that I wanted a proposal that I could take to my boss in the morning. He wanted me to sign a statement saying" that if "we agreed on a price today, I would buy the car." I refused and explained to him and two other individuals why I couldn't sign it. Finally, the 3rd salesman understood my situation and gave me some numbers that were workable. The sticker on the car was $33,130. This included the DVD, leather, power everything. They gave me $2000 off plus a check for over $2400 to get me out of my current lease on a Beetle. They were offering $5000 off on all T&C's. Walked out the following morning with a lease payment of $550 including tax for 36 months. I think it was a fair deal. Edmunds said $515 without the $2400 check. However, I will tell that the dealership did not like it when I brought out the Finance Page from Edmunds. The second salesman I talked to on Sunday was very agitated and tried to dispute every number on it. He couldn't. Finally it got to the point where he said that Edmunds is a consumer web site and mumbled something under his breath. I said, yes it is and what's wrong with that? There was no response. This was the first time, certainly not the last time, I have used Edmunds. Thank you Edmunds. The look on the one salesman face was worth all of the research. Thank you Central Florida Chrysler Jeep Dodge for a wonderful car.
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    Details on the transaction to follow but first the buyer profile.
    Gone are the days where I need to barter the $9 bucks for valve stems on the sticker. Being middle aged with kids and employed I dont have the need to pound a car dealer, yet, I did use an Edmunds TMV to get to my target. Here it is....
    7/29/04 transaction - Autoway Dodge Clearwater , Florida.
    2005 Grand Caravan SXT Base $26505
    add Leather Pkg $2930
    add rear DVD video $1150
    add 6 disc DVD/CD $555
    add destination $680
    Total MSRP $31820

    Deduct Discount $2380
    MFG Rebate $1000
    Financing Rebate $1000
    Trade (95 Montero) $2500

    Net before TTT $24940
    Out The Door $27300

    My target was $27000 OTD, they stayed at $28300 for about 20 minutes, then added 500 on trade in value, and we decided to finance $5000 of the Van to get the $1000 Financing Rebate, after 6 months I can pay it off with a Home Equity Line which is how we paid the balance. Dealer basically gave me the options for free and increased my trade by $1000....the trade wont make them money. They had a $500 Dealer handling Fee, which I balked then ok'd. It was smooth, I got more options than I wanted and still stayed on target. The salesman actually thanked me for having my Edmunds TMV with a target for this exact vehicle.
    Moral of the story is, these guys will treat you better if you have made up your mind on style, color and options and ask them to pull from Inventory prior to the deal. Research dealer inventory on the WWW prior to contact. If they dont have it start somewhere else. They hate waisting time just like us. We were off the lot in less than 2 hours start to finish.
    Good luck.
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    I had promised to post my price paid in an earlier posting in satisfaction category - so here it is. This car was purchased 6/28/04.

    2005 Dodge GC SXT (stow & go) with split rear seats, dual auto side doors and electronic lift gate:

    Vehicle price; $25,640.00
    Cash price - $27,808.08 (with NYC 8.5% tax)
    Rebate - $ 2,300.00

    Total paid - $25, 508.08

    I had no trade in. Rebate for June was $1300. I financed for 36 months @ 3.9% to get $1000 off. It was slightly cheaper than the 0% financing without the $1000 cash back. I like the van. Hope this info helps others do better than I did!
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Member Posts: 1,565
    I haven't got into details with him as he went on vacation just after buying it, but a coworker of mine just bought a 2005 GC with Stow and Go seating and paid less than $20K (no trade in). I assume this is the price before tax title and license transfer. This sure sounds like a good deal, even assuming it is an SE Plus with no additional options, which has an MSRP of $25180.
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    Just got a new 2005 TC Touring model with AFF package (stow go, pwd drs, etc) plus CD/DVD, rear video and linen gold paint. List almost $30,000. Final price includes everything except state taxes $24,589. This includes $5000 financed for 60 months at 5.59 % but i plan to pay it all off without penalty in 3 months (min time for pay-off). The financing was just to get the $1000 back. So cash of 19,589.
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    I got my 2005 T&C Touring (a great car) at a dealership in Rochester, MI. I just want to share my experience.
    I set a price goal to get 2-yr lease, the sales rep and the manager both worked out a deal that was about $100 over my goal. I signed the deal that included (1) monthly payment with tax, license plate included; (2) down. Before I signed, I asked the manager while the sales stood by “Do I have to pay anything else?” He said, pointing to the paper, “No. That’s all you need to pay.”
    They did not have the car I wanted when the deal was signed. Two days after, I got the delivery and signed all the papers. When I reviewed the papers in the night, I found that they inserted another item, $300 turn-in fee, not seen in the original signed deal. The sales intentionally skipped it when I signed the final papers. The day after, I asked them to reverse that. They would not.
    There were a few “first” with this dealership:
    1) The first time I bought a car without giving me the brochure of the car;
    2) The first time I bought a car with only half tankful of gas, although they filled her up when I returned to pick up the plate;
    3) The first time I heard that using credit card to make down payment was against MI state law;
    4) The first time I needed to return to get the temporary license extended.
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    We are looking at a 2004 Grand Caravan SXT Anniversary Edition (leather, DVD, power doors/liftgate) with 7500 miles on it. Do you think 20,000 is a good price for this? Thanks!!
  • hansiennahansienna Member Posts: 2,312
    $15,000 for a nicely equipped T&C LX with less than 27,000 actual miles. First owner got a DaimlerChrysler 7 year/75,000 mile extended warranty that was transferred to me in addition to the 7 year/100,000 mile Factory Powertrain Warranty.
         This nice van had an MSRP of about $30,000 when new.
  • jtheronjtheron Member Posts: 24

    we bought a new 2004 T&C touring platinum, which is the T&C version of what you are looking at, we paid $24,000 for it back in Feb 2004, it listed for around $36,000, beautiful van

    so for 7500 miles you save $4,000 on buying used, thats 53 cents per mile for the first 7500 miles

    when we looked for our van the dealer had a "demonstrator" 2004 T&C limited with something like 30,000 miles on it and they were only offering 15 cents per mile for the miles or $4,500 off, I considered it to be a used van that cost the dealer 15 cents per mile to drive, I wish I could drive a new car every 6 or 12 months and have it cost me only 15 cents per mile

    not sure of whats a good deal on a used van or not
    but the "discount" you are getting for the mileage of 53 cents per mile is much better than the 15 cents per mile that we we offered from a dealer

    good luck, we really like our van, nicest car/van/truck we have ever owned
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    We walked out of negotiations today on an SXT that had almost everything..No leather, no navigation system, however it did have the sideair bags which is what I want but that van is located at a different dealer. It also had the DVD and CD 6 disc. The MSRP is $30880. They offered us $28880. We said no and left. The salesman actually came out into the parking lot and opened my door and said "wait 2 minutes, we're making a phone call"...They came back with $25995 + $250 = $26245. We said no. I was insulted that they wanted to charge $250 to "go get the van." Do you agree this $26245 is too high? I was thinking around $23K is what I would pay. The current rebate they told us about is $2000 (which brought it to the $28880) and its a 0% 60 month finance.


    Even though the lot had many 'loaded' SXTs, not one of them had the side air bags. They could only find one SXT in the area that had that option. I would think it would be a popular option! Is there something about them I should know? My husband was eyeing the loaded SXT with leather & nav system but I said no, I want one with the side airbags, who wouldn't? He thinks I'm being difficult now :)
  • hansiennahansienna Member Posts: 2,312
    Since I have never met a person injured in a side impact collision, the side airbags are not a very high priority for me.

         If side air bags are important, buy the Odyssey which has side air bags standard on every 2005 model beginning with the LX which has MSRP of $25,510. Honda dealers are giving nice discounts of up to $3,000 on new 2005 Odysseys.

         I like my used 2002 Chrysler T&C LX but the driver's seat is uncomfortable whereas all Odyssey driver's seats are comfortable. The original owner of my 2002 T&C LX got a nice discount when it was new and paid just under $24,000 for it.

         DaimlerChrysler lowered their MSRP for 2005 so the vans cost about the same but with a lower discount than in earlier years.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    Not too long ago I test drove a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT back to back with a 2005 Odyssey LX and Honda really is much nicer. Plus, as he said, the Honda was marked down $2000 off MSRP. Plus, I am not a Honda person saying this. I had a 1993 Dodge, a 2001 Chrysler and currently have a 2003 Chrysler. The 2005 Dodge could not match the ride found in my 2003 Chrysler--and the seats were not as good, either--IMO. The Odyssey LX does not give you power sliding doors, alloy wheels, the roof rack or the lazy susan under the second row; but you get the same engine, rear air, sliding door roll down windows, traction control and most of the mechanical goodies found on the EX models. Check it out.
  • marine2marine2 Member Posts: 1,155
    Just bought the 2005 DGC SXT. List price was $28,459. Has the three power doors, tinted windows, security system, CD/Cassette with 6 speakers, with radio controls on steering wheel,Stow n Go seating, eight way power drivers seat, between the seat storage bin, above temp,direction, mpg,computer, extended warrantee, etc. With discount,$25,054 and O% financing. They would knock off another $1,500.00 if I would have taken Chrysler's 6.? financing. Decided to take the zero percent instead. Don't think it was as good a deal as most got on here, but I can't complain to much. I was about $700.00 under on my trade.


    Really love the van. It's very quiet and smooth riding. Really love the storage space with the stow n go seats up. Nothing has to lay on the floor or seats now, it can be all hidden away.


    I stow one middle seat and that gives the dog plenty of room to lay down and makes it easy to get my grand kids in and out of the van fast.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    Stow and Go is cetainly a wonderful feature and it provdes tons of useful storage opportunities. I think the problem lies with those of us with previous generation DC vans that have more comfortable seats and an even smoother ride.
  • gosteelers1gosteelers1 Member Posts: 1
    Just bought 2005 DGC in Augusta/Wichita Kansas fully loaded except leather (best cloth seats I've seen in a long time while the leather seems cheap) and sunroof which I don't believe was available with the DVD and roof storage. Has Premier Group, Curtain airbags, DVD, Sirius,.... Sticker of $32,340. Dealer showed me the invoice and offered me $500 over (traditionally a good deal). This surprised me so I researched further and found that smart buyers were paying 500 to 1000 under invoice. Obviously Dodge gives quite a bit back down the line. I offered $500 under invoice the $30,000. After $2500 incentive and $1000 finance incentive (must finance $10,000 for atleast 4 months) my cost was exactly $26,000 before taxes and fees.

    $26,000 (paid) + $2,500 (Manufacture incentive) + $1,000 (finance-which I'll pay off in 4 months) = $29,500.
  • luv2soarluv2soar Member Posts: 1
    Bought a brand new 2005 caravan for $11995.00. After tax,license, etc it's $13,270. Came with 4 cyl, Air conditioning, CD and nothing else. But it's the color my wife wanted! First 1/2 tank of gas is produced only 17.38 MPG. Slightly better than the perfectly good 1993 MPV with a V-6 I just sold for $2200.00. Oh well, at least she likes the midnight blue. The fit and finish isn't great but not as bad as I expected. I've never bought a new "American" car before (can't count the Ford Festiva made by KIA), only a Toyota. The Caravan rides fine and corners well. The engine produces vibration that can be felt in the gas pedal and the overall road noise is more than I'm used to in my 4Runner. Generally, I like it and hope the gas mileage gets better with engine break-in. Otherwise I'll be cursing the gutless 4-banger!
  • mastiff1mastiff1 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2005 Lx for 23k on the road. It stickered at 27k, which included tow package, which i love the load leveling suspension and engine block heater. To me this was agreat deal, as the dodge dealer wanted 23k on the road for a grand se without stow and go, but has the luxury package with 3rd row air. i prefered the lx, as the stow and go seats and keyless entry were all i really needed. as for 3rd row air, never had it, dont care. ill get an upgraded after market sound system and dvd player for way less and pocket the cash. other dealers advertised sxt's with dvd for 20k, but i financed on my own and they never had the units in stock or they were pre november build dates. my t&c was bult in march and sold in april.... fast moving dealership, and this price included the chrysler price hike of 400. also, does anyone know who makes the radios in the t&c, the rbk to be exact and what the specs are?? want to get a more powerful radio unit. thanks in advance.
  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    Congrats!!! It sounds like you got a good deal on a solid minivan. For $11,995 you can't beat the price!!! Enjoy!!
  • carglowcarglow Member Posts: 91
    with 6 cylinders.

    Is this possible?
  • 1997montez341997montez34 NJ, USAMember Posts: 202
    Sure. it's a short-wheelbase version with the standard 3.3 liter V6.
  • sol2sol2 Member Posts: 2
    I live in S.E. Florida.

    1. Most dealers ask for my license, make a photocopy-before I can test drive. One dealer said it was for "insurance purposes." Is this standard norm? I am concerned about I.D. theft. Any suggestions? What's the legality if any of dealers requiring license and keeping a copy?

    2. In terms of rebates/incentives etc. is this deducted from the MSRP, Invoice, or negotiated price?

    I'm new at buying a new car. So any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks
  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    1) yes, that is very common when test driving cars. Not only is it for insurance purposes, but also provides the dealer with identification if for some reason they never see the car your test driving again.... ;)

    2) On Chrysler/Dodge products, rebates or incentives are usually deducted from the invoice price, not sticker/MSRP. This is the norm when dealing on a Grand Caravan or T & C. It was the situation when we bought our '05 T&C. Also, depending on the dealer you work with, you may have to negotiate in order to get the best price. The dealer I worked with was very straight forward, but not all are.

    Good Luck!!
  • trebuchettrebuchet Member Posts: 1
    Hello all, I am new to the forums. I found this forum while "shopping" for our new DCG.

    We ended up getting the 2005 DGC SXT without any added options. Price paid was 21,350 before my trade or downpayment. I don't think I could have gotten better. What do you all think?
  • dennisctcdennisctc Member Posts: 1,168
    Sounds good!!! I got a little more due to employee pricing from a DCX friend. But even without that, you can't beat a DGC SXT - just like mine :)
  • timbo22timbo22 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, it's a standard practice. Be aware though that dealerships will also often run a credit check on you using the info from your drivers license. When the dealership requests your license in order to take a test drive tell them you do not authorize them to run a credit report. Show it to them but do not allow them to make a copy. If they ask you to sign something to take a test drive, insist that the credit check authorization clause be taken out. Be sure to read it as well.

    According to the Federal Trade Commission, credit reports may be obtained without the customer's express permission only if the customer is initiating the purchase or lease of a car and wants dealer financing or is writing a personal check.
  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    Just to add on in Ga they do not put your SS# on your license anymore. This gives the consumer a little protection from unwarranted credit checks.
  • ro22tolro22tol Member Posts: 24
    I know this has been talked about numeous times, but I would like some recent experiences with DC leather. I am going to buy a 2005 GC SXT within the next month. My last two new GC's (92 and 00) both had cloth, and we have been happy with the quality and wear. The van I am looking at has leather, and we are just unsure about it. For almost $3,000 is it worth it? I have also read that some are not impressed with the leather in the 05's.

    Thanks for any input!
  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    The leather in our '05 T&C is pretty good. People have different tastes as far as leather quality goes. Our van only has 1500 miles on it and so far it is holding up well. The only issue is a slight blemish on the drivers seat bottom. I broght the van to the dealer and they ordered a new seat bottom and will replace it during the first service visit.

    IMHO: The smell alone is worth the upgrade.... ;)
  • marine2marine2 Member Posts: 1,155
    "Interior Features
    Article Subsections
    • Introduction
    • Walkaround
    • Interior
    • Driving Impressions
    • Summary & Specs
    Get Your Discount Price on a
    Dodge Caravan

    see more photos

    Dodge Caravan's interior is comfortable and convenient. Both Caravan and Grand Caravan can accommodate seven passengers in a 2/2/3 arrangement.

    The seats in our 2005 Grand Caravan SXT were nicely finished in light-colored leather. The material is soft and appears to be durable. The seat bottoms are nicely finished on all sides; some manufacturers don't finish the inboard side panels and that leaves an unattractive, unfinished look that you don't notice until after you've bought the vehicle. Faux carbon fiber trim added a touch of high-tech to the cabin."
  • ro22tolro22tol Member Posts: 24
    I will be traveling to Minneapolis this weekend. I searched the local dealers inventories on the net, and have found one with the options i want. I e-mailed the dealership and have an appointment to check it out.

    QUESTION: Do you think that it is two unreasonable to ask for Invoice price minus $1,000.?? Then take the rebates off that price?

    Wouldn't the dealers want to get rid of there 05's this late in the model year.

    I don't want to make them mad at me, but yet the van is actually a year old, since the 06's will be out shortly.
  • socalawdsocalawd Member Posts: 542
    Looks like about invoice and then the take the rebate off is what they are selling for according to edmunds TMV and But that sounds like a good place to start it never hurts to try, just be polite and firm!! Then 2500 less than invoice with rebate is the place to stop and find another dealer. Have fun it's always nice to get a new car. ;)
  • m_42m_42 Member Posts: 3

    I received a postcard from my local Dodge Dealer (SW Florida), offering $9000 if I buy a new Dodge by June 30, 2005. It says that one: :Must present postcard upon arrival. All Factory rebates must apply, including Owner Loyalty Incentive. Offer cannot be combined with Dealer Incentives." Is this as good a deal as it sounds? I currently lease an 01 and the lease expires on August 31, 2005. I imagine that I can get a similar deal -when the 06 will be out- for the 2005 models?

    Any comments would be highly welcome!
  • hdghdg Member Posts: 9
    I received a quote for a 2005 DGC SXT in linen gold with power liftgate, Sirius Satellite Radio and 6 CD in dash Cd player for $21,000 including the $2500 rebate and the $1000 trade in rebate. I stated earlier in my negotiations with this particular dealer that my previous quote that he was trying to beat included destination and dealer fees. I e-mailed him to ask if the $21K price included dealer and destination, but he won't be in again until tomorrow at 9am. If it does include those fees, then I think I have one heck of a deal. Invoice price with these options is $26,258 including destination but not rebates according to Edmunds. With the $3500 in rebates, $21K is $1758 under invoice. However, if the $21K doesn't include dealer and destination then I don't think it's a very good deal since the destination is $730 and the dealer fee is probably $250-500.

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    Well, needless to say that the 9k were just a smokescreen to get people into the dealership. Unfortunately, they were also not interested in coming up with a reasonable deal. Their 'best' offer was 23k for a GC SE with stow'n'go seating and power windows/locks, cruise and the dark tinted windows. Add another 1k for a basic SXT. Needless to say that I left and will either wait until the 2006 model is out and they lower the price or shop elsewhere. For this money I can buy a Sienna, which supposedly has a better track record.
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