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We were so happy to purchase our Buick Enclave 2008 in December of 2013. What a beautiful car!! We have had quite a few problems since then in such a short time unfortunately. First, the battery needed to be replaced when the car was having trouble starting. Our local Firestone dealer found the battery sitting in a puddle of water. He thought due to rain. Then we had the recall notice of the service air bag lights done. Next we are getting the plates repaired,(we are having that problem as well) due to the recall. The trunk recently closed on me, it hurt but I didn't get injured thankfully!! I see that a recall will be made soon about that too. My biggest problem is the service airbag light that was not able to get fixed due to a water leak according to Buick. As a result of this now my air conditioner isn't working either. After doing some research, I see that others are having this problem too. Is there anything Buick can do to help with these problems? We are at the point of not wanting to go and drive our car especially with two children. We don't know what might happen next. It doesn't feel safe.


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    Wow, that's quite the laundry list. :'(

    Do you have a sunroof?

    And "getting the plates repaired" - I assume that's the wave plate issue that gets posted around here?

    Don't know what to tell you. If you are completely out of warranty, try the techniques in this article:

    The Secret Warranty
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    We do have a sunroof. The plate issue just got recalled.
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