Car shut off and would not start for 15 min.

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Sorry for the long story, but I feel that all the info will help diagnose the issue.

Quick history:
I was and still am in college. I didn't have a lot of money to spend and really needed a car, so I Bought this Ford Escort October of 2012 for like $1900. It had 180k miles on it. Had only 1 owner who took very good car of it (no rust and body was in great condition). Head gasket blew and the owner had the engine rebuilt before selling it to me. Car did its purpose, got me to and from class each day. Great car actually. Last spring, 2014, the head gasket blew again. Had no signs it was gonna happen except the day before it stalled while backing up. Had it fixed, the water pumped replace, and the timing belt replace for like $400. After I got it back I decided to check some more things. I noticed the transmission had been slipping a little and fluid was brown. Drained it, change filter, and put new tranny fluid in. It's been good since.

This Summer I started noticing the engine idling really rough. So i wanted to tune her up a bit. I changed Spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, cleaned throttle body, and replaced the IAC. I recently ordered an EGR valve that i'm going to change when it comes in the mail. Car started to loss all power uphills and under loads. So I changed the wires and haven't seen the problem again. After I did all that... I noticed the car only idles rough (rpm bouncing and hunting) when the A/C is on. A/C works and blows cold air. I have not done anything about except try to drive with it off.

Today is where the big issue arises. I drove about 100 miles today (I have been driving 300 every week all summer) on the highway. Turned A/C on because it was very hot today. Got off highway and car shut of and I had to coast car and pull off the road (no power steering either). Car did not overheat. My OBD reader says temp was 194 F and tranny temp was 190 F. It cranked but would not start turn over to start. Waited 15 min and it started and I drove 15 min to my house (A/C off) no problem. My Sensor says I have a pending code P0715 (Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction). But my CEI is NOT ON. I also started to smell burning rubber, but I assumed it was my brakes. My driver side caliper has been acting up and I'm gonna replace it, but after I make sure my car isn't going to [non-permissible content removed].

I was told the catalytic convertor could be clogged from the head blowing twice. or my tranny could be going..

Any idea what caused this? or what's causing the A/C to draw so much power? I

Some more notes (from my obd reader):
o2 sensor 1 reads good. (.1 to .9 back and forth)
o2 sensor 2 reads the same though or is more erratic. (makes me thing the catalytic converter is clogged up)
Horsepower is relatively low (on highway max of 50, around town is 10-15) not sure if thats good or not.
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