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So, I go to the toyota dealership by my house. Find a car. It's a 2012 Camry with 5500 miles. Get financing. Sign all the papers, title transfer, financing agreement and all that. I have to bring my proof of insurance before I can leave with the car. So, come back in a couple of hours with my insurance and they tell me when they were doing the final inspection before selling it they found frame damage. That's a bummer but better to know now then after I drive off the lot. I understand but I asked to see the car just to show my boyfriend and their eyes got big as saucers and no one could seem to find it. I was told it was sent to auction but when I asked to see the paperwork, they didn't have it nor could they show it the next day when I went back to look at other cars. So, I guess my question is, how would I be able to look up if it really went to auction or they sold it to someone else? Or they dropped it off the lift because another guy said something about we've messed up cars in the bays before and couldn't sell them but they were very unwilling to try to work on anything else. Then the next car they showed me, same model and year, had 58000 miles and they wanted 1000 more than the original with 5500 miles, which was 3000 over maximum blue book value at a dealership. But how would I check what actually happened because I had already signed everything and they just screwed me and would never show me the actual car or proof it went to auction so I feel like there's something more going on. Thanks for the help and any advice.


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    Just my thoughts but if there is that much troble with the first car I would not want anything at all to do with it.

    For that matter if the experiance with the dealership is as you described I would not want anything to do with them either.
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    I totally agree with ray80. Time to move on.
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