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My 2007 Equinox fragile little flower- giving up at 29,000 miles

2007equinox12007equinox1 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2015 in Chevrolet
I've had so many problems with this car, reading has lead to me to find a bunch of known issues. I'm wondering what else is out there. After all this research, yet another reared it's head today. It's not an official recall, but an "internal memo" of a well known problem concerning the spark plugs. Are there others??

Started with the car not starting in the mornings. Got jumped, replaced the battery twice, didn't help. It was so intermittent, brought it in and no one could figure out what it was. There were so many codes they couldn't make heads or tails out of it. Then I figured out that if I wait 10-20 minutes, it would miraculously start on it's own. sometimes the stabilitrack light would come on. sometimes the engine light. sometimes there was no power steering. sometimes my locks would randomly, frantically lock and unlock as I drove down the road. Finally it got so bad I was "pre starting" it every day an hour before I actually needed to leave so that it would start when I needed to go. I took it in and they were finally able to diagnose a bad BCM.

BCM fixed, most of my problems gone. Then started up again two months ago. Today was diagnosed again with a bad BCM. I had it tested for water intrusion because they were trying to get out of repairing the BCM under warranty saying it must be something else. There is no water.

My key gets stuck in the ignition. I've read about this on several forums and it's amusing because people get so mad about it. It's one of those things I've learned to live with, like having to "fake" start my car in the morning a half hour before I need to leave so that it actually starts when I need to leave.. I can't remember if this was fixed or not during those two good BCM months. Will find out soon as the BCM will be replaced again next week

Windshield wiper pump not working. they replaced the Junction Block and it came back to life.

Trailer hitch lights not working. Fixed after replacing the Junction Block.

Then a week ago, at about 29,000 miles as I leave the dealership.. the car starts to chug when I hit 200rpm and needs to switch gears. Dealer is telling me my transmission control module needed to be replaced. I took it somewhere else, and one of my spark plugs is cracked in half. Come to find out there is an "internal memo" concerning the spark plugs and the wiring and Chevy will fix it for free. EXCEPT.. i'm reading that many people go on to have the same cracked spark plug every few weeks. Seems to develop right around 28,000 miles. I just hit 29,000. Happy birthday, equinox.

I can't keep this car. I'm broke and from what I'm reading, once the BCM and other electrical problems start, it's nearly impossible to fix. I'm also reading people fix the spark plug issue only to go on and have it return as soon as two weeks later. I'm sick over this. I can't believe I have to get rid of this car.
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