Lincoln Navigator Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Have you recently purchased or do you plan on purchasing a Navigator? What did you pay? How did you negotiate?


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    I just purchased a used 03' Nav.It has 14,000 miles.It is the Ultimate and has all the options except the dvd and navigation system.I paid $40,499 and kbb says the retail value is $45,375.I think I got a great deal.I found it on the internet at a dealership that is 45 mins from where I live.I e-mailed their internet salesman and we arrived at a price before I went there.Their asking price was $41,999 and he gave me the internet price of $40,999.The dealship had a coupon for $300 off and he knocked off another $200 when I asked if that was his best price.It was the best car buying experience I have ever had.There was no hidden tricks.We were treated w/ respect.When we signed the final papers there was no hidden fees.I'm trilled w/ my new(to me)Nav. and I got a great price to boot.I hope this can help someone.I know I had a hard time finding info and pricing on used 03' Nav.
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    Tutters, that's a great price on a great vehicle. The list price must have been over 57K 14K miles ago.

    Good luck
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    I just purchased my new Nav 4X2 2003 Luxury base model (+ Lojack) for $41K + tax and lic and 0% financing. Was very happy to get below invoice price and 0 % financing to boot. With 36k mile free maintenance and significant $$'s incentive through 9/30/03 makes it very compelling to buy new '03 Nav over any of the competition. Drives and looks fantastic.
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    Where do you live? What was the invoice on the car you bought? I thought I saw that the 4,500 rebate could not be combined with the zero % financing. Is that true?
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    I live in Los Angeles. I didn't use cash back but found dealer that advertised "1 only at this price" with price being $1500 under invoice of $42,900 and got car for $41,400. Rather than take 4k cash back off of that, I took 0%/6 year financing saving me another $2K+ per year.Ive been driving my new Nav all weekend and love it! This was best deal ever on this quality vehicle.
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    Thanks. Which model has an invoice of only 42,900? I thought it was higher than that on pretty much every configuration.
  • jim52jim52 Member Posts: 161
    Does anyone know what will happen to the current incentives (rebates and financing) in October?
  • jim52jim52 Member Posts: 161
    Pretty well loaded 2003 Navigator Ultimate 4X4. MSRP = 59,225 and I think Invoice is around 52K (can't quite match the dealers numbers). Deal is 53,382 with 72 month zero % financing.
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    I purchased my 2004 4x2 Ultimate with DVD Navigation for $47,640, the MSRP on the truck was $57,640. I took the 3K rebate over the financing, the dealer (Village Lincoln in Denton, TX) gave an additional 7K discount. Very happy with the deal as it was well below the X-Plan and A-Plan prices. Dealer also gave me 4K for my 94 Dodge Ram which was better than I think I could have gotten for the truck.

    Has anyone added the Sirius Satellite Radio system yet? The DVD Navigation is Sirius ready and I am considering adding that feature. What is involved to add this feature?
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    I just paid 49,900 for 4X2 ultimate with nav and rear DVD, plus misc options. Looks like about $10k below MSRP.

    This included all rebates including the $500 internet only rebate.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Thanks for all the help I received from this board in lurk mode.
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    Just picked up a new 2004 Lincoln Navigator 4X4 Ultimate (base Ultimate w/no other options) for $10.5K below MSRP. This includes all rebates including the $500 E-Coupon -- We looked at the Nissan Armada, Ford Expedition, Volvo XC90 & the Lexus GX470 --

    Purchased just in time to take advantage of the Section 179 tax loophole --
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    My husband and I are considering buying a 2001 Navigator. What is the Section 179 tax loophole? Does that have anything to do with the 6000 lbs and writing the suv off for business purposes? Please advise. Thanks.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Member Posts: 1,046
    What's the E-coupon?
    Why just-in-time? What's changing with the Sec 179?
  • coreybakercoreybaker Member Posts: 1

    Basically, a new law has been put into effect for tax years 2003-2005 where the deductable amount of Section 179 property has been raised to 100K from 25K. What this means is if your business qualifies you can purchase a 50K Navigator and write it off in the first year as opposed to taking the depreciation over 5 years. There are several articles on the internet that explains this new law. Hope this helps.
  • rwcliftonrwclifton Member Posts: 19
    heyjewel --

    There was an E-Coupon for an additional $500 off any Lincoln until 1/4 or 1/5 -- The coupon could be found on the Lincoln website
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    Do u happen to have a pointer to where it is/was? (I searched the site) Do u have a copy of the coupon? Reason I ask - I bought a Nav in Dec and I don't know if I got that rebate. Thanks.

  • rwcliftonrwclifton Member Posts: 19
    You had to register some basic information on the Lincoln website to get the additional $500 coupon -- It e-mailed you back a confirmation number and you then took it to the dealership -- It was truly an additional $500 on top of all other incentives going on -- I'm pretty sure you probably didn't get the rebate -- I can't find the link any longer on the Lincoln website --
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    We just purchased a 2004 Navigator Ultimate with auto running boards and the upgraded wheels. Paid $300 below manufaturer's invoice. Decided to go the three year zero percent financing in lieu of $3,000 rebate. Merlot with gray interior and bench second seat. Love it.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Member Posts: 1,046
    Hey Great choice! We bought our Merlot/Grey Ultimate on Dec24. I originally wanted parchement and bought the grey sight-unseen and I love it. And what a luxurious color that Merlot, eh?

    No auto boards for us got the Nav sys instead.

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    About to purchase 2004 Navigator Ultimate 4x4 for $49,000. Includes all discounts and rebates, including a $1,000 certificate which Ford mailed to me. Power Boards, Navigation, 18x8 Chrome Wheels, Rear Entertainment System. $63,045 MSRP. I am located in Pennsylvania. Now is the time to get your Navigator!
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    Please report back to us after you've brought your baby home and let us know if there were any surprises!

    tidester, host
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    I am moving from Europe to live in central Florida soon. Dont want to drive a European suv as they are to small.Really like the Navigator.
    Can anyone suggest what I should pay for a 4x4 Ultimate in black with all the extras.I presume the price will be plus tax.
  • barbecuejoebarbecuejoe Member Posts: 6
    No surprises! Picked up the Navigator and all was as promised. Final actual price after $6,000 in rebates was $49,265. Nice SUV!
  • pathdocpathdoc Member Posts: 126
    I have looked at the Navigator similiarly equipped but could not get quite as good a price. The only rebate was $5500 unless you financed which gave $500 more. What was the $1000 certificate for?

    I also have read that they will be adding a 6 speed transmission to the 05 which would be an improvement. Also they are supposedly going to the 3 valve engine (as in F-150) which they are touting as an improvement but I'm not sure if I agree. Has anyone heard of other changes for 05?
  • barbecuejoebarbecuejoe Member Posts: 6
    The $1,000 certificate was mailed to me directly by Ford. The dealer called it some sort of "lease conquest progam" - basically I was coming off a lease of a Mercedes, and Ford was trying to get to me to buy the Navigator. They must have gotten my name from some mailing list? FYI, I got the Navi from Reedman in Langhorne PA.
  • wdogwdog Member Posts: 21
    Bluetooth communication capability is expected. Cell phones with that capability offer hands free use - no wires, ear pieces, etc. The '05's would provide instant recognition of your cell phone via this low cost and reliable technology. Added features would come from integration with the navigation system. You can read more about it searching at

    Not many phones currently offer bluetooth. However, it's already offered by Chrysler, Lexus, and others, so that should soon change. For some phones a bluetooth adapter might be another option.

    Why the doubts on the 3 valve system? I've read that it may be quieter and run on regular. Care to share what might be viewed as downsides of Ford's 3 valve system? I'm really interested.

    I've often read the, "if you can afford ... you should not be concerned with the cost of premium ..." retort to gas cost issues. The purchase, for me, of a new luxury SUV is an indulgence. In other words, one of the things in life that can be afforded as long as similar luxuries are seldom taken.
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    Just purchased my new Navigator. Luxury 4x2 with DVD combo for $44k. Got great value on my trade-in. Wife had been wanting the Navigator for some time so I test drove and the Dealership (Southwest Lincoln in Houston) made the experience very pleasing. Didn't go in to buy, just drive and came home with a great car.
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    I am considering purchasing an '04 Ultimate Nav, fully loaded. Should I expect to pay nothing higher than invoice, or even below invoice?? Also, does anyone know whether we will be able to combine the rebates with 0% financing in October?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    does anyone know whether we will be able to combine the rebates with 0% financing in October

    Ordinarily the manufacturers don't permit you to combine the two, although I have seen the option of a low APR combined with a lesser rebate. It's hard to guess what's going to happen in October.

    Steve, Host
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Right now at least, you can get either the 0% financing, or the rebates, but not both.
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    A midwestern newspaper would like to talk with someone who, in the past month, bought a luxury vehicle (other than a Lexus) for which no incentives were available. Please reply to [email protected] by Friday, October 8, 2004 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your purchase decision. Thanks!


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

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    My father in-law just purchased an 04 Ultimate for $17,500 off sticker. The dealer (in Denver) advertised 5 Navigators for $19,000 off sticker. He said he did not qualify for a few rebates.
    As the story goes, a local dealership went under and he had bought their remaining inventory. The tag on the back says PRICE Lincoln/Mercury.
    If only he had called me I would probably be driving a Navigator. His sticker $57,xxx down to about $40,000.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    That's the "short line at the DMV" there. You rarely get a shot at one of those. I did only once, and passed it up. Always regretted it. I'd never pass on it again.
  • kyliangkyliang Member Posts: 6

    In Bay Area (Silicon Vally). One dealer ad. for $16000 off MSRP and they have 115 of them available. The Lowerest one is $33xxx for 4x2.
  • mrammram Member Posts: 3
    Which dealership in the Bay area are you speaking of?
  • kyliangkyliang Member Posts: 6
  • suvb4wintersuvb4winter Member Posts: 27
    I am possibly interested in purchasing a 2005 Navigator in the next couple of months. What rebates, discounts, or incentives should I expect to see at the end of the year or just after the new year? Is 0% financing still being offered? What's the best deal being offered on the 2005s right now - are there any dealerships in the northeast that give great prices on these? Thanks.
  • lbinhlbinh Member Posts: 190
    I am an X-plan participant. That means Ford gives us the $761.37 above invoice plus the $3000 customer rebate plus and additional $1500 X-plan rebate. So, MSRP of $56,185 and invoice of $49,381.

    2005 Ultimate 4X2
    Cashmere Tri-Coat/ Camel Int.
    Monotone App. Package
    2nd row bench
    Power Running Boards

    $49,381.00 Invoice
    + 731.37 X-plan markup
    - 3,000.00 Current Customer rebate
    - 1,500.00 Additional X-plan Rebate
    = $45,612.37 + TTL ($3,474.05)
    Drive out price of $48,798.02 with no negotiation, hassle free.

    But....I think I can get a better deal by the old fashion hard negotiation way. I know they still have the Hold back ~$800.00 and the X-plan mark up of $731.37 money plus their secret incentives. In late 2003, my friend purchased the same option new 2003 Ultimate with Extended Warranty Service plan and 0% interest for 60 months for $48K drive out. From the previous posts here I should be able to beat the X-plan pre-negotiated price easily.

    Do you all think I can get a better deal if I wait till September to December this year to purchase? I am aiming at a Drive out price of $45,000. I will settle for $46,500 Cash drive out with Extended Warranty included.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I think you can do better than X-plan right now.
  • lbinhlbinh Member Posts: 190
    Drove home our Navigator July 2nd from another dealership. We beat the X-Plan by $1,000. TDO was $48,000. MSRP was $56,185, after rebates and negotiation it was $44,600 with no charge power running boards + TTL. $11,585 off MSRP, awesome deal. Could of waited to get even a better deal but we wanted second row bench in Dove Grey Interior/Cashmere Exterior and 2005 stock with those options were running low around town (only two in Houston, now one with my purchase).

    We got the 0% for 60 months for additional $2,000 and $0 money down and the 6 yr/100K Ford premium care ESP for $1,780.

    Currently (early July 2005), they have Ford Family plan available for everyone, which is the Ford A-Plan similar to the GM employee discount offer, but it is even less of a discount and the price is $47,600 + TTL for the same Navigator.
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    Hello Sylvia ,
    This is my first time doing this so i hope i do it right. Am looking to purchase an 05 New Lincoln Navigator. 4X4 Ultimate package with the optional feature of the Navigational System. I want to finance through Ford. Please tell me what i should pay for the SUV. Will have to travel out of state to buy it. Found one in Maryland , i'm in North Carolina. Also would like to trade in my 2000 Navigator , great condition 82k milles with warranty left till 100,000 miles plus all extras on the SUV , sunroof , 6 disc cd changer , etc.
    Last question. What do you think of the Expedition ? Good resale as the Navigator ? drives as good ?, etc. Any help you can give would be so greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you real real soon. The dealership is calling me back today.
  • lbinhlbinh Member Posts: 190
    Correction: The Family plan price after $2000 rebate is $45,900 for the same $56,185 MSRP '05 Ultimate. Gone is the 0.0% for 60 months replaced with 3.9%.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I also agree, you should be able to get 9-11 thousand of MSRP with current offers & rebates. The trick will be in what you'll get for the 99. Right now, they'll give you the car, but they'll make it up on your trade.
  • mulligan_atlmulligan_atl Member Posts: 1
    Well - It was not a great car buying experience but I guess I am happy in the end.

    July 1st, went to dealer down the street from me and and told them exactly what I wanted. they showed me everything except what I asked for. I finally told them that I have done mt research and asked them to do an inventory search and if they did not have what I wanted, could they get it. Any ways, we finally after way too long agreed on a vehicle. They played the old what will it take to get you into a car gag on me as if ive never bought a car before. They offered me the Navigator for only a few thousand off MSRP and offered me only about 50% of what edmunds and KBB said my 2003 Yukon Denali with 19,000 and loaded was worth (In the VERY LOW $20,000) I told the sales manager that they had a one time shot so out the door I went.

    So - On to - Where I bought my Denali with NO HAGGLE at LOWEST PRICE - What a treat - A dealer called me within minutes. We have your car and gave me an excellent price (Exactly what CD.COM stated) Then they told me that they would give me $10,000 for my trade in then the other dealer offered - I made the deal after listing options, selecting a vehicle, receiving sticker etc... Gave them a $1,000.00 deposit via credit card and told them I would be in to pick it up in a few hours.

    On my may got the old call - We sold that car, it was an error - sorry - here is you $1,000.00 back

    Well NOW I AM MAD - I left the family vacation at the lake to pick up the new car (the only dy it didnt rain that weekend) and on the way they say dont bother - So after cooling down for a few days I sent them a letter asking for a meeting with the General Manager, Not the Sales Manager, but the GM to dicuss this issue, afterall - how could they sell a car that I had already put a deposit down on??? You couldnt do that with reale-state - All of the sudden the mood changed and it was, what can we do to make this go away so the Gm doesnt have to get involved.

    Moral ofthe story - Got a new 05 4x2 ultimate white/camel NAV, HIT, DVD, etc... for Lincoln Family Price

    MSRP 59,105
    EMPP 50,426
    Cash Back 2,000
    Total - 48,426.44

    They backed off my trade $3,000 because the new GM pricing has made it hard for them to sell used cars but the entire deal was still $3,000 less then I agreed to pay the previous week and a total of almost $10,000 cheaper then wasting my time at a dealership going through the fish bowl process and wating an entire day!!!!!!

    All in All - It was a major pain in the [non-permissible content removed] for me - but I am happy in the end
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    You got a fabulous deal on a fabulous truck. Too bad the buying experience was a bummer though, it causes a lot of stress.
  • espolaespola Member Posts: 1
    The Ford family plan does not apply to the 2006 model year. I still think I should be able to negotiate a price close to invoice for the Ultimate 4x4. I know there is a $2,000 rebate and is there another $2000 rebate for repeat customers? I am turning in a 2003 navigator this month that is at the end of a 3 year lease. I will be paying for 23,000 extra miles as well, aprx $4,600. The residual value is $28,500. Not sure if I should buy it and sell myself, but i have heard the used car market is in a tank due to the employee/family plan pricing by big three. With tax on top of the $28,500 my cost would be $30,700. I would have to sell it for $26,100 to break even. Appreciate any guidance you can give me.


  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Your car (assuming you have 60,000 miles and 4WD, you didn't specify) should go through the Manheim auction for about $24,000 right now, so it's possible you could get your price out of it, but not guaranteed. Does that help?
  • navinewbienavinewbie Member Posts: 3
    Ford family plan now applies to 200g Navigator. Check with your dealer.
  • gghuskergghusker Member Posts: 7
    Just made a deal today. Friends and Family plan does apply to a few '06 models, and Navigator is one of them. Got a fully loaded '06 Ultimate 4x4, Silver Birch with Dove Grey interior, Elite package with Nav, DVD, power running boards towing pkg, HID headlamps etc. Family price is $54012.36. My dealer is going to pick it up from a dealer two hours away - no extra charge for that. I am trading my '04 Pacifica - fully loaded with 40000 miles and they allowed a full $1000 more that I had hoped on trade in, so I am a very happy customer.
    Around here, there is no negotiating down from the Friend/Family plan for any of the automakers. I was a little surprised that they were decent on the trade-in. That is what is usually the cause of great disappointment for me.
    We usually try to trade in - it saves us on property tax at licensing time and you don't have to deal with phone calls and strange people coming to your home and wanting to drive your vehicle!!
    Best of luck everyone .
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    And we hope you're as happy with your Gator as we are!
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