Sonata Hybrid Acceleration Problem?

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Hello all,

Not sure where this question should go exactly, but I thought I could start here...

My father-in-law bought a 2015 Sonata Hybrid a few months ago. He has noticed that occasionally when accelerating virtually nothing will happen for about one second and then the car will rocket forward. It is enough to make him nervous when trying to pull out into traffic. He took it to the dealer and they said everything was working fine; that it was the nature of the car. He had a Toyota Camry Hybrid for many years and never had this issue.

Two questions:

1. is this something that others have noticed? I assume this is a result of the car trying to "decide" whether to use the battery alone or the gas engine. Is it something that can be addressed by a more motivated service team?

2. He has decided he wants to get rid of the Sonata if the issue can't be resolved. He got it in May and it has about 3500 miles. Does he have any recourse besides trading it in and taking the financial hit? I assume lemon laws would not apply, but maybe someone can let me know if I'm incorrect.

Thanks for your help!

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    Thanks elias. I've forwarded your comments to my father in law. I appreciate your help!
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