Engine Rattling

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I don't know how to describe it because to me it feels like a vibration more than anything. Took my car in to replace a wheel bearing recently and asked the mechanic to check out said noise. Seems to think it's a timing chain issue. Told me not to worry about it for now (due to cost) but that they would do some research/look into it. He told me that with CVT's you can't fix a lot of issues, engine has to come out and get shipped away or replaced completely! (Ahhhh!) Now that I've rid myself of the wheel bearing noise, this vibration is driving me nuts. So I took to the internet to find out what it could be.

I watched a ton of YouTube videos, none of which sound like my car. Possibly this one at 1:04 like he mentions in the description (see video at bottom) but I honestly can't hear it well enough in the video and mine ***doesn't*** whine. I noticed in his comments people mentioned alternator noise but this vid is of a '13 and mine is an '07 so I'm not sure if it would be the same issue. Noise happens usually between 1700-2000 RPM but otherwise everything is working the way it always has (no weird RPM fluctuation, no clunking, no whining, no issues starting up etc.) I have not noticed any other issues. I'd really like to find out what this is sooner rather than later. I supposed I could take it to a Nissan Dealer and pay their ridiculous $110/hr rate but any input would be appreciated.


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    Just listened to a video of a 3.5 Nissan with a timing chain issue and that definitely not what it sounds like. (Vid was taken under the hood so who knows!) Happens the most around 60km, and at 90-100km it's fairly constant. However, if I'm sitting on cruise between 90-100 it's not there. Only when accelerating or decelerating.
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