Ford Escape transmission

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Does anyone else's Ford Escape roll down hill when in reverse? The dealer said it was made to do that !! Also had different tires & tread on the front end when we bought it and drove it for 2 mos before we noticed.I paid 8000 + for this car.......


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    What were the circumstances? Was the Escape "parked" but the gear shift not put in "Park"?

    Regarding the mismatched tires, it's a better practice to have a matched set of tires on a car, especially one that's AWD or 4WD. I'm assuming yours is AWD up there in New Hampshire. Mismatched tires can be a safety issue and can damage the drivetrain on a 4WD/AWD vehicle. (links are to

    If this is standard operating procedure at this dealer, you may want to write a Dealer Review and let others know about your experience.

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