Open windows with Key Fob?

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I'm wondering if my 2010 Toyota Highlander has a feature that my old Lexus and my old Infiniti had.

When you pressed and held the "unlock" button, it would first unlock the door and then it would start rolling down the windows and sunroof - an excellent feature in hot, humid Florida.

I called the Toyota dealership where I bought my Highlander and they told me 1) they didn't know, and 2) I could bring it in and they could hook in to the computer (at their hourly rate) and let me know. In other words, I can pay them to find out what their technicians should already know about the vehicle.

On my Lexus and Infinifi, it was set by a key fob button press sequence so I was hoping that 1) the feature deos exist, and 2) it's an easy and free setting change.

Anyone know?


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    No luck looking in the owner's manual? I'd think it'd be in there if it existed. I take it you've tried the push and hold on the door open button?
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