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I have an 06 Fusion, and recently while I was driving the car just shut off and when I started it up I couldn't hit the gas to make the car move, when I depress the pedal the car stalls out. My dad came in town and we were look under the hood, we pulled the air filter, then with an open path way we could start the car and it would run and idle just fine, he could put his hand over the opening and make the car stall out just like it was doing with the filter and everything together. The only part that confuses me is that the filter is clean. What else could be clogging up the airway?


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    I believe you posted this before and its not enough information to try and give you a sense of direction. The description of putting ones hand over the throttle opening and stalling the car out sounds like exactly what should happen if someone blocks off all of the air entering the engine. The inability of the engine to accelerate on its own when the air filter is in place generally suggests that the first two things to rule in or out are ignition and fuel. The ignition system has t be able to fire a spark checker that takes 25,000v to make it spark. The fuel pump needs to deliver 40psi based on both a manual gage reading as well as in the scan data. The PCM will generate a trouble code if the fuel system cannot generate the required pressure, of course it will generate codes for other issues to, so are there any setting? You need at least this much information to choose the next diagnostic step.
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