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2015 Mitsubishi Mirage OR better choices?

insaniakinsaniak Member Posts: 15
edited August 2015 in General
Im looking for a fuel efficient and inexpensive vehicle. I have a chance to get a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage DE Manuel for $8500 with 7900 miles on it is this a deal I should go for? Or are there better options around the same price range? I looked at a Prius but usually they have 100000 pluse miles at around 10k. Some opinions would be great. Thank you!


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    insaniakinsaniak Member Posts: 15
    Opinions? Everybody has one ;)
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    iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,709
    edited August 2015
    insaniak - I sat in one at the El Paso, TX, Kia dealer we traded our '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in on a 2011 Kia Soul 5-speed base at.

    I can tell you that I liked the Mirage for months and joined an online blog for the Mirage and participated on that for a good long while. All it took was to sit down in the driver's seat for a minute to realize the car was going to be too small for us.

    I didn't drive the car...it was marked at around $13,995 new IIRC. FWIW I also sat down in a 2015 Kia Rio sedan and that was not gonna cut the mustard for size for us, either.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    insaniakinsaniak Member Posts: 15
    Well I'm Looking for good mpg don't car much about space 
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