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2015 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works Road Test | Posts: 10,006
edited August 2015 in MINI

The 2015 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works represents the most powerful vehicle in the company's history and maintains the hatchback's reputation for lively handling. It's fun to drive and reasonably priced, making it worthy of consideration against some strong rivals.

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  • desmoliciousdesmolicious Posts: 671
    edited August 2015
    Starting at $32K? Isn't that the same price as the much faster, real (yeah I said that) wheel drive BMW 228i? Ignoring obvious bait like V6 Mustangs etc

    Edmuds, you need to test a 228 vs this MINI
  • I agree, @desmolicious. When I saw that price my first thought was, "This is BMW 228 territory." BTW, per Edmunds' testing the 228 accelerates 0-60 almost a full second faster. I would expect the 2 to have the advantage in cornering as well because of its RWD layout. Sure, the 2 isn't available as a hatchback, but it is available as a convertible!
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