New Toyota Highlander versus Honda Pilot 2016

kck10kck10 Member Posts: 5
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Looking at the two cars above and try to figure out which one is the better lease price/value as we like them both.

Currently thinking about the Higlander XLE AWD or the Pilot EX L AWD unless someone tells me that the Lease rate may be better for another style as Residual value will be better.

I will not drive much (10k a year), and do not care if I lease 1 or 4 years (whatever gives me the best rate so would think 36) and could also buy cash. So this is all about best price/value with the option to just buy the car after the lease.

Thanks for your help!


  • sierramsierram Member Posts: 4
    The new Pilot just came out. The Highlander has been out for about a year. You will most likely get bigger discounts off msrp by purchasing a Highlander. Toyota also offers free maintenance for 2 years. Not sure if Honda could say the same.
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