Set of problems occurring together intermtently: grinds into gear; windows, a/c, radio don't work

ruthf1ruthf1 Member Posts: 1
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Has happened twice now in a couple of weeks' light driving. The dealer replaced the entire clutch assembly and ground the flywheel to address the problem. And, afterwards, it happened again. Here is what happened: I cranked the car after filling with gas at the service station. I cranked it with the hand brake set, in gear, with the clutch pedal pushed in. There was an immediate relatively high-pitched whirring sound coming from the front of the car. The a/c, windows, and radio, though already turned on, would not work. The air bag warning light stayed on. The instrument panel gauges worked.. The turn signal didin't work. With the clutch pedal pushed in, it ground into gear. The sound of the grinding was audible to passers by. I was able to drive it home several miles. Ideas ?
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