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Toyota Tunda 2000 - II

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
edited March 2014 in Toyota
This is a continuation of Topic 665....

Toyota Tundra 2000.

Please continue these discussions here.

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  • is sportwing the only aftermarket flare maker for the tundra?
  • gustusgustus Posts: 14
    Has anyone seen a big red tractor on a trailer pushing a Chevy pickup around lately?
  • I just ordered a new Limited 2 wheel drive yesterday. I wanted a cdplayer which I believe comes standard on the limited but I did not want the $200 upgrade stereo which has a 6 disc changer, but the dealer told me they could not back out the upgraded stereo. Apparently in the southern states the Toyota's go through Gulf states Toyota and the dealer had a truck which was allocated to them and I could have this particular truck but the upgraded stereo could not be removed. Does anyone know what options come from the factory in Indiana and what options Gulf States Toyota adds? I feel like I may be paying for something I don't necessary want. Does anyone also have the option codes from Gulf states Toyota? I purchased something called The Extra Mile package which included floor mats, permavin (glass etching), custom pin stripe, securkey plus and a bedliner and I believe the code for this is B8, does anyone know if this is correct?
  • I came seeking info on the TUNDRA not ford not chevy not dodge can we keep this subject on track
    so those of us interested in purchasing a TUNDRA
    can get feedback from those who already OWN a
  • 1taxman1taxman Posts: 27
    Can anyone tell me why this subject was moved and the old one frozen. I RuBlu2 and meredith the same person? He just wants us close to all the Toyota basher? I for one, and I hope everyone just ignores the bashers. Keep this topic strictly for Tundra Owners and wannabees like me.
  • dogsterdogster Posts: 94
    If you know Kelly B. have her call Wendy and we'll give you all the Tundra info you need since we just bought one!
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Topics get frozen when either inactive for 30 days or have over 500 posts. No conspiracy toy boys.
  • Thought this was for Tundra info, not bashing.I'am amazed that some respondents can type in a fashion that actually makes them appear as bad in print as you can imagine they might be in person.Why waste your time taking up space where people could care less about GM,Ford or Dodge products.From the answers provided by the owners of those brands, it's enough to be sure, I have no desire to be seen in one.If those owners represent the mentality they portray in their e-mails, god save us all.
  • Some people just can not face the reality, because the truth hurts. Bashing and attacking in this site that they don't belong in is their only defense mechanism. They can not accept a product being better than their own so the only way is to find fault and attack. Really feel sorry for these people. It is pathetic, ignorant and downright obnoxious!
  • tp4unctp4unc Posts: 437
    The V.I.N. # is etched on the glass. Apparently, it is used to help in the recovery of stolen vehicles. No need to offer it with Chevys because no one would want to steal one.
  • emruzekemruzek Posts: 24
    Mine has been vibrating from day one. Lots of failed balances and multiple brands of tires. I checked the rim runout(lateral) as no one else would or others wanted a ridiculous fee. The lateral runout on mine measured 0.120.(That is appx. 1/8"). I imagine a good measurement would be around .020? I will be trying new rims and will update accordingly. My tundra was one of the first off of the assy. line. Maybe this is what framehog was refering to???
  • 606zpx606zpx Posts: 75
    Have there been definitive fixes for the two most common problems that I have seen mentioned.

    Specifically, the vibrating wheels and the vibrating bench seat???

  • The extra mile package that is offered by Gulf States Toyota actually scribes the vin number in the side glass for theft recovery. One really cool benefit of this is if you unfortunately have your Tundra stolen you get a check immediatley from Gulf States Toyota for $2500 regardless of your insurance coverage and regardless of whether your vehicle is recovered!! Can GM or Ford say that??!!
  • Anyone know where you can purchase the top chrome bed rails for the Tundra? Could have ordered them from Toyota but they wanted $250, sounded a little high. There is probably not much in the way of after market "stuff" for the Tundra yet. Anyone got a good web site for such stuff?
  • lexmarklexmark Posts: 68
    Rube claims he is in his 80's. That should pretty much answer your question.
  • tp4unctp4unc Posts: 437

    They told me the rails would be available soon(this was back in July). This stuff is expensive but really good!
  • tp4unctp4unc Posts: 437
    It was in August not July.
  • lexmarklexmark Posts: 68
    Not exactly the image you asked about...

    "Has anyone seen a big red tractor on a trailer
    pushing a Chevy pickup around lately?"

    But, this is as close to it as I have seen:

  • Great picture!! Love those Tundra's!!!!!
  • Hey, I didn't know someone took my picture while I was carring home Rube's truck and towing home his tractor. Damn he's not going to be happy about that. Good luck on that one now.
  • check out , then at the left side, choose Toyota, then Tundra. They also list common accessories.
  • cwirthcwirth Posts: 169

    Talking about upside down, just wait until you have to replace your Chevy, you won't know which way is up! On thing about GM, their products don't outlast the loan on them. Good luck on that one now.
  • Why didn't Toyota make the Tundra a true full size truck? If they had, I might have purchased one instead of ordering a Sierra. I was excited when the Tundra first came out because of the truck's looks, toyota's quality track record, ect. However, I was in the market for a full size truck and the Toyota Tundra dosn't fit that bill as far as I am concerned. I will say that every time Toyota comes out with a new design that is supposed to be full size,it does keep getting bigger. If they ever do come out with a comparable full size truck, look out Big 3. My 2 cents.
  • eostereoster Posts: 54
    I had some when I first got my Tundra. Unfortunately the dealer couldn't balance a tire if his life depended on it. The run out that you have is very high. The European standards are .010" to .020" (about 1/64 inch +/-). American manufacturers use .050". Yours seem much worse. Go to the dealer and speak to the regional rep. If the can't identify correct the problem maybe he will authorize you to take the truck to someone who can fix the problem.
  • Has anyone out there been towing up to a 30" RV trailer? We are looking to purchase a trailer to
    pull with 2000 Tundra 4x4.
  • Oops that was 30' rv trailer....any serious experience out there from Tundra 2000 owners?
  • lovatolovato Posts: 17
    Rob how about 1828 or 9530.

    Also try (, it is good for Tundras only.
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    Picked up my Tundra SR5 2WD V8 on Saturday. 1st new car in 12 years. Sold on that V8 sound and power and the smooth and quiet ride. Sticker was almost 3000 k cheaper than comparable Chevy or Ford. For me, it was the right choice. Still haven't broken 100 miles yet. If you use a pickup for personal transportation/weekend chores you won't go wrong with the Tundra.
  • eric7eric7 Posts: 5
    Are you still there?
  • e-mail me at
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