Overheating Cruiser - is it worth replacing the engine?

imajazzbabyimajazzbaby Member Posts: 1
edited August 2015 in Chrysler
Like every other Cruiser with more than 100K miles on it mine is overheating. Badly. I've replaced the radiator and thermostat, I asked my mechanic if it might be the water pump but he said, at this point, to junk it. The A/C went out two years ago and now this. I understand the head gasket may well be the culprit and, in spite of my best efforts, I fear the block may be cracked. Of course, I always fear that.

Is it worth replacing the engine? If so, what else should I replace? Short block or long? It's sure cheaper than a new car we like this one and I'm hoping to get another 2 years out of it if I do this. Is it worth the money?
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