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Honda America cannot solve 2016 Honda Pilot setting issue.

autodriverautodriver Member Posts: 9
edited August 2015 in Honda
I purchased a 2016 honda pilot EX two weeks ago. I need to bring my car to honda service department in one week.
Because I canoot personalize the door setting, this feature keep go back to the factory setting. Also, if you are honda owner, when you lock the car you will see a light flashing on your dashboard or radio, but my car it only flashing one or two hours then it turned off. Sometime it turn off at once if I press the lock button again.
The honda service said they need to contact honda america tech support.
The Honda America tech support reply is they cannot solve the problem in this moment, But when?????????????
They should study this vehicle before release it
* If this is a safety issue* OMG


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    hondaretailerhondaretailer Member Posts: 33
    Just to make sure I understand; You cannot update personal door locking/unlocking setting on your new Pilot? And, you think there is a safety problem with the way the "locking" indicator lights notify you that the doors are locked?
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    autodriverautodriver Member Posts: 9
    To clarify. My new Pilot will not save my my personal door locking/unlocking setting no matter how many times I press ok. It will show that my preferences were accepted but then it will go back to the default setting.

    The locking light indicator is a red flashing light that is on once you lock the car. With my new pilot, it disappear after a while. It is not normal.

    I am concern that Honda America tech will reply that they can not solve these two problems at this moment because the car is too new? So when is the correct moment. If the manufacturer doesn't have all the answers, who else can solve then? If these were safety issues and you get a response like this, what would you think? My life and the life of my family are at risk if the car is not safe, right?
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    sadati1sadati1 Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2015
    I have been an owner of a 2016 Pilot for about a month now, the car has a problem with it's command unit for sure. I noticed it the nextday after pick up of the car as I tried to set my preferred method of locking and unlocking of the doors as our previous 2014 Odyssey had been set up. Along with that I noticed the sound coming out was not the same as my Odyssey, well it's shy about 50 watts which still does not justify the loss of bass in it. Took it to the dealer to have it check along with the same front end noise as the Odyssey had and they told me there was no fix for it, yet this time there is no bulletin for a fix on the Pilot. Good luck to all trying to get some of these issues fixed for now since the car is too new and probably not enough complaints to Honda.
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    lawphillawphil Member Posts: 4
    Thank you so much for this info. We typically don't purchase new model cars when they debut specifically for this reason. It also doesn't help that EVERY dealership is charging at least MSRP.
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    I don't know how this quirk could be safety related.
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    montanaboy1montanaboy1 Member Posts: 1
    I called my dealer today and there is now a software update that will fix the door lock unlock setting issue as well as an odometer issue.
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