Navigation chip through Ebay?

nomsgnomsg Member Posts: 1
edited August 2015 in Mazda
I have a 2016 Madza CX-5 Touring with the 7" touchscreen "infotainment" (don't know why, but that word annoys me) system. It's got the hardware set up for navigation, but I decided against spending $400 + $40 tax for the SD card software/data that would have given me navigation.

But now I see sellers offering this Mazda OEM card for only about $240 Ebay. I'm confident that Ebay will let me get my money back if the card doesn't work. But could this card somehow damage the car's infotainment system? Any other potential downsides to going this route?

Also, how well does this nav system work? We have used google maps through our smartphones and bluetooth and pretty satisfied with that setup.
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