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2004 Chevy won't start

secretleysecretley Member Posts: 1
edited August 2015 in Chevrolet
I got into a minor fender bender which I had  replace radiators, powers steering line and reservoir.  2wks later the cars transmission dropped.  Okay.  The car would start but never left it running.  Replaced transmission, CV joints and bars, and the starter.  The car will not start.  When I turn the key you can heat the starter click twice then nothing.  IG does not turn over or try to crank.  Just silence.  But when you remove the keys everything inside the cat and DRL lights stay on.  My father says there is a problem with wiring.  We have checked but nothing is in the wrong place.  Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


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    joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    Do you hear the starter or the starter solenoid? Usually it's the starter solenoid that clicks. Considering you got into an accident/changed a lot of parts, I would assume you have a damaged wire causing an open circuit somewhere which is preventing power from going to the starter. Have the starter motor bench tested outside of the car to make sure it is in proper working order, and then focus on the wires leading up to the starter.
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