Mazda Tribute Condensations water drips

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I have Tribute 03 since a month.. I see the too much of condensations water drip when I used A/c.

And the worst is after I have parked my vehicle the water drip on catalystic converter and exhaust
hoses and make sound of water dripping on very hot pan.

I have taken this to my dealer..this guy say it will not damage exhaust and he has seen this on other Tribute too.

I feel like I have been let down by mazda they have got my hard cash and are no more interested in after sales service.

can some one suggest if they have seen similar issue ...? I checked with Mazda there is no recall as yet on this issue..?


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    I just got a new escape, and I noticed the same thing after running the A.C. for a while. I had parked, and was cleaning out the inside of the car, and saw a pretty big puddle on the ground - scared the hell out of me at first, I was afraid it was oil or something.
    I don't think it is a cause for concern though, but maybe someone here has some incite on the issue
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    all cars with A/C do this. If it's really humid out, there's going to be more condensation.
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    a/c evaporators that DON'T drip make for really stinky air in the car because mold grows on the evaporator coil.

    if you don't like the water dripping on the cat, you could use duct tape and tape a piece of waterproof cardboard underneath at an angle to guide the condensate away from the cat.
  • newcar31newcar31 Member Posts: 3,711
    what do you think happens when it rains out or when you drive through a big puddle?

    When I worked at an oil change joint, I had a lady come back after her oil change and complain that her car was leaking. I looked underneath and the A/C condensation drain tube was wet. She had been using her A/C and nothing was leaking. I explained to her that it was normal. She thought I was trying to cover up a mistake up and kept saying "It didn't do that before I came in". I politely told her that her car always does that when the A/C is working and that she probably never noticed it. She wasn't having any of this and refused to leave until I "fixed" the leak. She even called me a liar. It was a Friday night right before we closed and I wanted to get the hell out of there. I had no patience for customers like that. Okey dokey, stuff an oil drain plug in the condensation drain tube...."problem" fixed. Served her right. After her interior flooded out and she took it in to see what the problem was, she was probably too embarassed to come back to our shop and complain.
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    we went back to the Dealer lot and I opened to hood to check out the engine. The A.C. Condensor and associated parts around it were "soaked" with condensation... actually dripping gobs of water. I remember many of the cars I had in the past, and I mean old, old GM's and Fords, had some sort of "insulation" encased around the unit. Here in Florida, cars gush out excess A.C. water continually. The first time I saw this, I thought the guy in front of me had a serious leak. It's so common place to see puddles of water all over parking lots down here !!
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    it's humidity that is the cause. lots of times I've popped my hood to see the top of the a/c valve unit just literally running water. this is a good sign on a muggy day. especially if you look underneath and the evaporator is dripping right along
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