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Also having problems with the lights on the dash panel. Tire pressure light is always on even after just airing up tires. Check engine light is always on. Had it checked, one error indicated that the Throttle Body should be changed. Repair shop said that was a $600-$700 job and that was not the dealer. This morning the cruise stopped working when it was working just last night and the Stabilitrac light came on and will not go out. Car handles fine, acceleration is good. I am 7 payments away from the end and wanted to keep this vehicle after that while I traded in an older pickup. What is with all the electrical problems? I have already had one recall with the window controls.


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    Either a bunch of things are failing all at once, or you have some problem with your car monitoring system. Start with the easiest one first, the tire pressure light. Check your tires with a tire gauge, if they are fine, and the light is still on, then you have a problem with the monitoring system and not the tire itself. Same with all the other problems, they are just more complicated to fix.
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