A/C wasn't blowing cold air anymore. Solution found!

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Hey guys. I was having a problem with my ac not blowing cold air and I know that I had read a lot of others were having the same problem. At first it was blowing out cool air but not cold. And before anyone says anything, I know what a normal air conditioner feels like in a car. When I say "cool" air I mean I could leave it on full blast for a half hour and my car still wouldn't be down to a comfortable temperature. As of two weeks ago, it actually started to blow hot air out of it, like I only had the vents on and not the ac itself.

Well, after three trips to the dealership I finally found someone that knew what the problem was. At first they said that my ac system was only half full so that was causing the whole thing to shut down. I knew that wasn't the problem because I had just tested it and filled it myself. So after they told me it was fixed, I left with my car. It blew cold for about 8 seconds then it went right back to blowing hot air. Took it back and they had they master electrician look at it.

It turns out that there was a short in the wiring harness for the ac. He said that he had actually just got back from a training conference that talked about that very problem with the model years around the 2011 so he knew right way how to fix it. He gave me the option of ordering a completely new harness, which would have taken about two weeks to come in and would involve them having to take the entire engine out of the car to replace, or to just cut the bad piece out of the wire and bypass it. I chose the second option (it did not void the warranty because it was done by a subaru professional). I couldn't go another month without having ac with how hot and humid it has been here in Ohio.

So if any of you have had or are having the same problem and still haven't been able to figure it out yet, have them try looking at the harness. If you're like me, you went on to other forums and tried to find answers with other people just basically saying that we don't know what a cold ac is supposed to feel like or that we just need to recharge the system. I wanted to slap everyone that just kept arguing about what temperature the air is supposed to be. We know what cold ac is supposed to feel like.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone that may be having the same issue and hasn't yet found a solution.
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