Shall I wait for 2016 model of RX350 or buy 2015?

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I am considering to purchase brand new Lexus RX 350. shall I wait for 2016 model to come out or just go now and get 2015?



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    Everything else being equal, my preference would be to wait and get the latest and greatest, considering that we're already about half through August. Not sure when the '16s will hit the dealers, but October would be typical.

    If there are changes coming that you don't think you'll like as well or you need a car "soon", then go ahead and shop hard.

    If you want to save a few bucks, you can wait until the 2015 inventory starts to shrink and hope the selection is still good enough to satisfy your trim and color wants. You could have that selection issue with a '16 too though, since it'll take a while for the '16 shipment allocations to grow at the dealers.
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    Wait for the 16 to come out and then buy a used 14 or 15 with low miles. The dealers are now saying late November early Dec. release date.
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    We had the exact same question and here is my take on it. The 2016 prices came in yesterday to the dealerships and they are drooling. 6000 more on the base, starting 50K
    top of line, loaded 60K
    first year of the new line, if you buy the 2015, you get all the kinks removed car, you take the 2016, get to work on the kinks, lexus, BMW, Mercedes, acura, volvo,- all have same issues in first year of release.
    And you get nice discounts at this time but not too much, dealers troll these sites, and give their comments too.
    But to get a good price for a kink free (after all this is the 5th year lexus released the same build)- it must be doing well.
    Try to get the safety options, the passive collision prevention not sure if it is really worth the price, only works with cruise control!
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