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The long-awaited 2016 Toyota Tacoma stays true to the midsize pickup formula that has earned it die-hard fans and a reputation for bulletproof reliability. Toyota has resisted the temptation to make it larger, focusing instead on enhancing the Tacoma's power, strength and off-road capability while simultaneously improving fuel economy, reducing interior noise and updating the cabin appointments.

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  • jimmdjimmd Member Posts: 6
    So, port and direct injection, variable valve timing, an extra gear, and with all this complication, it still only gets full size pickup fuel economy.
  • mt_blue_linemt_blue_line Member Posts: 2
    What about maximum torque (and at what RPM)? This is the all-important value in off-roading vehicles. More details please!!
  • tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65
    Now I see why the Engine and MPG specs were kept so secretive since January? If the numbers were BIG we would have seen specs long before today. “Appears” according the article? Not too much change from the ‘15, slight bump in HP and torque is the SAME (let us assume 1LB torque difference is the same) (the article states power (there test drive) seems similar to the current model, yikes).

    I was looking for low/mid 20’s over-all MPG (V6 4x4) it’s looking like its closer to the current model (real world driving) and the Manual Trans according to article appears nearly same as ’15 model. I was surely expecting closer to 300HP with torque high 200’s to match.

    The interior seems decent and the gauges looking much more appealing “lit-up” with the ignition on. This could be the real deal breaker for me? Appears the power moon roof is only available on the Double Cab Limited (according to the article) if true? We have to dump $40k (plus sales tax) for a moon roof! If there is no power moon roof avail on the SR5 access cab – looks like I’m waiting another 10 years or until it is avail on the access cab in the years to come, I hope I’m wrong? Or the article is in error!

    I will still look at them when they arrive, and I don’t see many hard core Tacoma fans flocking to Chevy, these trucks will sell like “Hot Cakes” but I think we will see many guys holding out, I can even in-vision a last minute run for 2015 Tacoma’s, now that the specs are out!
  • any1thereany1there Member Posts: 21
    edited August 2015
    "...it still only gets full size pickup fuel economy." 'Same fuel economy, but in a more-manageable, enjoyable-to-drive (and park) size, than the full-size ones. And, for many, the new GM "mid-sizers" will also be a bit too big/long. As the original owner of what continues to be an amazingly trouble-free '01 4Runner, I am a big fan of Toyota trucks (and will gladly take rear drum brakes in exchange for Toyota's dual-injection fuel system).
  • daryleasondaryleason Member Posts: 501
    Everyone is trashing the Tacoma. But all of the manufacturers of mid-size trucks are guilty of the same thing. Build a truck, call it "mid-size" and try to steal a few customers from getting a competitor's SUV/Cross-Over/Whatever. The truth is, the original purpose of a Small or Midsize truck was to give someone an affordable option to have a truck when they didn't need a full size truck for towing or hauling. Part of the blame for what we have now belongs to the consumer. We claim we WANT an inexpensive, small truck, but then in the same breath, people complain about the lack of features, space, and hauling/tow ability. As a result, we get the current crop of "midsize" trucks that get only slightly, if any, better fuel economy as a full size truck, loaded with options. Which makes the price go up. The current crop of mid-size trucks are almost as large as the full size trucks from 20 years ago.

    Please, PLEASE, car manufactures, come out with a truly reasonable Small or Midsize truck that has a 4 or 6 cylinder engine, 5 or 6 speed manual, with an AC & Bluetooth. Slap it together with the options of a regular cab, short bed. Basically, we need a Ford Ranger brought back in production, but at about 4 grand cheaper than the prices they were asking for when they were last sold new. Give me hand-cranked windows, and no touchscreens. Split bench seating. Something simple and effective. If you build it, we will buy.
  • mr_botsmr_bots Member Posts: 236
    "Tacoma offers another pair of midsize truck firsts in the form of keyless start and dual-zone automatic climate control."

    FYI, dual-zone automatic climate control has been available on the Frontier for a few years.

    "What about maximum torque (and at what RPM)? This is the all-important value in off-roading vehicles. More details please!!"

    265lb-ft at a screaming 4600RPM
  • rh67rh67 Member Posts: 5
    No regular cab - are you serious? So where do I buy a compact, regular-cab pickup now? Anybody...? Guess we'll have to wait for Hyundai to fill this new gap in the market, they usually do. Unless Subaru does the right thing, and brings out a new Brat... :)
  • metalmaniametalmania Member Posts: 167
    I'm sure the Tacoma die hards will say I'm crazy, but I think I still like the Colorado over this. Max off-road ability isn't that important to me, I might head down a dirt or gravel road once in a while but probably not much more than that. I'd probably mostly ask the 4wd to get me through snow when it gets heavy. I'm guessing the Colorado Crew Cab still has an edge over the Tacoma in passenger space (Taco dimensions don't appear to have changed)? Interior materials look pretty good in the Tacoma, but I don't really like the dash layout very much. The Colorado may be "simple", but to me it still looks cleaner and easier to navigate. It's subjective, but I also think the Colorado is a better looking truck.

    If I decide I want a mid-size truck instead of another car or CUV/SUV, I'll still look closer at the Tacoma and the GM twins but "on paper" (and pixels) they still seem pretty closely matched.
  • desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    I dig it. Please get one for the LT fleet. (Off road package)
  • tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65
    Just an observation - rear brake lights NO longer LED for the rear for 2016? Appears Toyota switched back to a "standard light-bulb" set-up and with what appears a very standard run-of-mill light lense, and no more "amber" for turn signal, the white section appears rear back up light? Seems odd for 2016 - Rear Drum brakes and no more LED rear brake lights - seems like a HUGE cost cutting savings for the volume of trucks that are sold. Anyone now if LED rear brake lights/lenses are CHEAPER to manufacturer then using standard light bulbs/lenses?
  • _66mc66__66mc66_ Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2015
    Did the reviewer feel the same floating sensation at cruising highway speed (70 mph)
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