Brake Warning light - 2011 Legacy

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I have a 2011 Legacy Sedan with 40K miles. Three weeks ago, I drove the car 25 miles in 90+degree heat on the highway. I parked at a store, did not use the electronic parking brake and when I returned to the car 5 minutes later and started it, teh dashboard BRAKE light was flashing. The brake was not engaged. I tried to engage and release it, but it would not engage, when I pushed the button the car 'chirped'. I drove the car home and garaged it. The next morning (after a cooler evening) the light no longer flashed. At that time I was able to engage and release the electronic parking brake and it worked as designed.

A similar sequence has occurred on four different occasions. When I start a cool car, no light. When I start the car after it's been run for a while, I'm getting the flashing light.

I've checked the brake fluid and it's fine. I've checked the OBD and it shows no codes.

Any thoughts on what to do next?


  • UPDATE: I took the car to the dealer who diagnosed a problem with the EPB module. $450/part and 4 hours of labor. I can't understand how this unit failed when it is never used. I've got a call in to Subaru USA to see if they'll help.
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