Which car makes sense to buy?

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I don't know much about cars, so I'm not sure if this is a "no-brainer" or not.

Option A: 2008 Mazda 6 with 92,000 miles for $7,996 (haggled down from $8,400). I like the price but I'm concerned about the fuel economy and total mileage.
Option B: 2007 Toyota Yaris with 44,000 miles for $8,990 (dealership doesn't want to go down in price). I like the fuel economy but I'm concerned about the price (higher than KBB).

Thanks for any advice!


  • texasestexases Member Posts: 9,544
    What kind of driving will you do? Highway vs. city? Miles/year?
  • acevedobriacevedobri Member Posts: 2
    Just from home to school to home, with occasional trips to visit family. Mostly highway driving. 11K-12K miles a year.
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 9,544
    The Mazda will be more comfortable and probably safer in an accident. The Yaris better mpgs but not as good of a freeway car. Have you checked them out in the Consumer Reports used car buyer's guide? Worth a look. And either way get a pre-purchase inspection from a mechanic ($100-$150 or so) before you buy to make sure there are hidden problems (assuming the Carfax comes back clean).
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