Air intake persistent error

theohughestheohughes Member Posts: 1
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I have a 2011 Freightliner (made by Mercedes) 2500 Sprinter and have had nothing but constant problems.

Latest is air intake maniforld errors, trips the sensor and van turbo is disabled. Error code is P200A. I reset it and it works fine... for a while... then after tioo many resets it shuts down and has to be towed to the dealership. They have replaced the air intake manifold, sensors, seals, and made sure everything was moving properly.... 3 times! Now the P200A error just came up again and same thing, air intake sensor showing error on powertrain. The 3rd time I brought this to the dealership I stopped by to get some tools out of my van, and the mechanic was just standing there with my engine half apart just staring at it. Now I'm bringing it it for a 4th time for the same thing.

They're stumped, I'm stumped, any help out there?
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