Clunking sound coming from rear end when backing up enthusiastically

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I have an 02 jeep liberty limited with a 2.5" lift and the off road package and during Normal driving in any direction it is fine except for when I'm in reverse and give it a little extra gas I get a loud clunking sound coming from the back end, I have visually inspected everything underneath and can't seem to see anything wrong or where anything may be coming in contact with something it shouldn't.


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    Hello! Of course it is hard to say without being there, but block the wheels, put it in neutral and grab the rear most drive shaft with your hands, give it good solid twist both directions and listen for noise or feel play. Should be about .5 to 1 mm play in mesh. More than this will give a noise when engaging enthusiastically! If the noise repeats itself again and again during backing up, then of course there is something else going on in there. Also have someone stand outside the vehicle and listen for the noise when it engages, it is sometimes much easier to find the area it comes from outside. I assume you have already checked the mid-shaft baring for play. But you know what happens when one assumes, so I will mention anyway lol! Good luck.
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