2004 Lexus SC 430

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The only information I have been able to get on the 2004 SC 430 is that the front seats may move back further. No other changes. Boring.


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    I heard they are changing the wheel center caps - those big machined discs are being replaced by [boring] 5-spoke center covers. Too bad; I liked the way those large discs looked -- a little different from everything else out there.

    -Andrew L
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    I sure hope the garbage can lids are still available if I decide too buy a 2004. I was all set to buy until I followed a white one for about 20 minutes. The tail lights are really not at all to my taste. I hadn't noticed how much I dislike them (maybe because they don't look all that bad on a red car)
    If they go with chrome 5 spoke wheels they've lost me. Maybe aluminum, stainless or brushed titanium would be OK.
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    Just saw the Pebble Beach edition....in Azure Pearl
    And the new wheel covers are nice too
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    I could have been wrong about the wheel covers -- the Lexus press photos for the 2004 still show the "trash can lid" type. The reason I said they were changed is because I saw someone on eBay selling a set of different ones. They were silver painted and they make the wheels look like a true 5-spoke design (that is, the spokes continue on to the cover). The seller claimed they were for a 2004 and showed them installed on one. However, it's possible they were some kind of aftermarket junk and the seller was lying.

    -Andrew L
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    If anyone does know of different wheel skins/covers than the trash can lid OEM type, it would be appreciated. For me, a 5-spoke design would be great. I searched on Google for aftermarket wheel companies but none had wheel skins/covers for the sc430. Thanks!
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    Some of the SC 430s at my dealer do not have the center piece put on. All that shows then are the five spokes. This may be an alternative whihc would have no cost.
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    Yes, it is an option available from your Lexus dealer. It is called a "Wheel Conversion Kit". What it does is replace the pie plates with a 5 spoke center cap and makes the wheel look like a 5 spoke wheel. Cost is about $200.00.
    If you have the chrome wheels there is also an outfit in California that makes a 5 spoke chrome center cap.
    Hope this helps and doesn't confuse.
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