On the Hook for Damaged Loaner Car? - No Contract

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Hi All,

Interesting Question.

So I went in to get my new car fixed at the dealership (it took about 10 weeks to schedule a windshield repair). They gave me a loaner to use for the day. When I picked it up neither myself not the salesperson who helped me with the car gave it a visual inspection, I also didn't sign a contract, they just gave me a temporary registration and the keys and sent me on my way.

Today I returned the car. After I left they called to say there was damage to the car, that I must have hit a curb, but the damage must have been pre-existing because I didn't do any such thing.

So 2 questions: Am I responsible for not doing a pre-inspection on the car? There is no way to know whether that damage was there when I picked up the car because it's on the passenger side and no one looked at the passenger side when i picked up the car.

The other question is: Am I liable for the damage without a signed contract? There's the temporary registration that shows when i had the car, but there's no other record of the situation.
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