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The sporty Mazda 5 minivan will be discontinued for the 2016 model year, Mazda North American Operations confirmed Thursday.

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  • agog1agog1 Member Posts: 6
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    Mazda - please don't kill it but upgrade it to be more secure and desirable.
    Was my first choice when I was in the market this year. Had it been upgraded with new infotainment and security features likes of Mazda3, I would have been a proud owner of this special car.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    It's a "stalled" out segment - minivan vans are loyal but the number of fans has shrunk to about a 3 percent market share of new car sales. There's fierce competition for those sales though. I think the Mazda5 just lost out in size.

    "Since 2002, annual minivan sales have shrunk from more than 1 million, a 6.4 percent market share, to about 556,000, a 3.4 percent market share, last year, according to the car-shopping website,

    But the vehicles, often seen as the quintessential mom-mobiles, have a loyal following. And the automakers who continue to build them are in a tight race to the top.

    "There really aren't as many players as people think," said Jeremy Acevedo, an industry analyst. "It's a healthy amount of sales for the vehicles you have."

    In the past five years, the lead has changed five times in annual U.S. minivan sales. The Odyssey took the crown in 2013, but it fell to fourth place last year."

    Minivan wars: Honda charts new course for its Alabama-made Odyssey (

  • buyerbeware32buyerbeware32 Member Posts: 1
    Sales were down for a reason.
    The last update to the vehicle was a disaster, it looks silly.
    No skyactive system offered on this vehicle.
    Fell behind in tech and integration while others were updated.
    Mazda wants us to move up to a CUV or an SUV, more profitable.
    No surprise the sales dropped. They let it either on the vine with no
    Updates or support. Shame on you Mazda.
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