99.5 Jetta starts, but stalls within 10 minutes

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So, I recently bought a 99.5 Jetta. (99 with a 00 body), fixes a few things. Alternator, oil pan, head gasket. I recently drove the car just up the road, drove it back. Went to pull in to my spot and it shut off! Wouldn't start but would crank over. Days go by, same problem. Runs for about 10 minutes then just dies. Fuel pump works, fuel filter isn't clogged. And the fuel relay works. I'm out of suggestions. Anyone know anything about German engineering and willing to give me a little advice on what to do?


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    Hello! The jetta is a great car, good solid German engineering. But like anything else, the newer they are the more complex they get. This car is OBDII compliant, if you have a meter, read and post the codes, if not, have the codes read and post. Could be many different things. Are there any warning lights when it dies? Engine, Theft system, Oil, etc, etc. Would be great to get this little car up and running well. will be here watching for info. P.S. Any OBDII meter will read the codes, maybe a friend has one.
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