1998 Navigator will not turn over when hot.

rinaldilimorinaldilimo Member Posts: 1
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I have a 1998 Lincoln Navigator limo . two new batteries , was on a wine tour , dropped the people off shut the limo off to for a few mins while they were inside , went to start and nothing , checked cables , crawled under checked cables at starter , checked everything else I could think of even tried to jump it . nothing no click nothing . was on the phone calling anyone I could think of for a answer . tried one more time and bing it turned over and started . I did not shut it off during the rest of the trip . When I got back to the shop I shut is off tried to start it again and Nothing .It has never done this before . It seems something it getting hot and is not working and does when it cools off , But I do not know what . Any ideas . Thanks .
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