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F-350 SD DRW price and attitude

jraskejraske Posts: 133
edited March 2014 in Ford
Sorry to hear about the problem you had with the sales men. it doesnt sound like they whant to sell a truck very bad. There is no reason you cant get the truck you want for your price, Have you thought about buying through the internet?
I just ordered a F350 XLT 4x4 crewcab with every opition I could get for $36.000, could have the Lariat for $37.000 but i decided i didnt want leather seats.
The sales man here in calif was grate, i just walked in told him what I wanted he gave the price
I got with no hasle. Granted I am a man, but that should not matter.
I hope you have better luck next time.
You may whant to check out topic 1166 lots of people there talking about the super dutys.
Good luck with your truck.


  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Did you use Edmunds invoice pricing? I'm ordering CC 4x4 V10 5sp XLT. Invoice is 28000 plus, the diesel adds aprox 4000 and the auto 1000 so invoice should be around 33000 for your truck with a sticker of 37000. I'm to lazy to verify this but it should be close. I think if you have to have it now pay 1000 over invoice(aprox 34000) If you can wait it out and shop, 300 -500 over invoice is fair. Are you sure they are not adding an addendum sticker or other dealer options? I've never seen a CC for 42000.
    Take care, Jack.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Like jraske mentioned the lariet adds approx 1000. I also don't care for leather.
  • jraskejraske Posts: 133
    I think you might be a little low are your prices,
    i ran the truck I wanted thru priceline and got a
    dealer cost of $28813 for the F350 DRW crew cab Lariat with out any options, add all the extras I took on my truck and you come out with a dealer cost of $35.109 and a MSRP of $41.050, which is probly what the dealer gave gave you as the price of the truck you looked at Kate. It all depends on what options u want. In either case even $38.000 is high
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    On Edmunds I got 26,309 plus options. The 28,813 was for four wheel drive . Did I miss that? With 6,200 in options I get 33,000 invoice to approx. 39,000 retail. The 4wd adds about 2,500. Sorry if I didn't catch if it was a 4wd or not. Anyway 1,000 over I think is more than fair.
    Good luck, Jack
  • jraskejraske Posts: 133
    Try useing you can figure out exactly what truck you want, it will show you the dealer price, MSRP, and give you a sugestested price, someware between the two,you dont have to even talk to a dealer un till your bid is accepted, Start your bid about $37.000 you will know in 24hr if any body accepted your bid. if not go up about $500.00 and try again. It costs you nothing if they turn you down, and $200.00 if you make the deal.
    I was going to do it that way but I came across the deal that I took at a dealer.
    Try it you have nothing to loose, and there no dealer problems.
    I think you should get that truck for less then $38.000
  • lewaclewac Posts: 151
    don't be apprehensive about going out of state to find a decent price & allocation. don't forget to read the postings over at Ford SD. and do use Edmund's to price your vehicle out (work from the invoice up). remember the 2.5% dealer holdback on a truck ordered (it's 3% but the dealer must pay a minimum of .5% even on an ordered truck). a good price with a dealer that also has good allotment is $500 over invoice. remember, you may get a better price than this but may never get your configured truck because of lousy allotment. because these trucks are in such high demand go with a dealer that ONLY sell trucks. we've noticed that big car dealerships generally have lousy allotments on trucks... because they're "pushing" cars. make sure the dealer orders the truck priority 10 & agrees to give you a copy of the DORA b4 you give them ANY money. if they won't give you a copy of the DORA, find one that will, NO EXCEPTIONS!. be aware also of priority 99's. this priority is issued basically to give you a DORA that is "fake"! you'll never get your configuration with a 99 priority.

    in regard to usage. determine what is your PRIMARY usage for the truck. if you're towing near GCWR you need to consider the psd with manual tranny (the 6 speed)... especially if you're towing over 50% of the time or are in mountainous areas (the auto is going to give expensive problems once it gets some mileage on it & is being heavily loaded... there's a reason why tractors run with manual tranny's so take a clue from the BIG "boys". the 4.1 differential ratio ought to be ordered for this power train configuration as well. the psd & manual tranny also has the advantage of being in inventory (you'll get a quicker build date). the V10 is "tight" right now because they lost some engines (13000) in an engine plant fire & the excursions are grabbing a lot of them (that vehicle makes big $$$ for Ford).

    also, if you are tentatively waiting a couple of years, consider this: Ford is in process of building a 6.0L diesel that will be making 550 ft of torque at 300+ hp. this engine is 200 lbs lighter (than the current 7.3L psd) & more economical as well. it will be replacing the 7.3 PSD in 2002. you can read about this engine at & also at hope this helps you.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    A good forumla to use to calculate a price to shoot for is Dealer Invoice minus holdback plus 3%-4% profit. This usually comes out to about $500 over dealer invoice. If you know the dealer has a great allotment, you might want to pay more, but I wouldn't pay much more than $1,000 over invoice. You can always find a dealer who will sell you a truck for less than $1,000 over invoice.

    I bought a 99 F-350 Supercab 4x4 dually V-10 4.30 auto trans Lariat with all the options except the PTO. The window sticker was $35,160. The window sticker for the diesel with the same options would have been around $39,000. The dealer invoice on my truck was around $30,700. The Ford mark-up from dealer invoice appears to be 14%-15%.

    Don't put up with any crap Kate. Your money is as green as ours. You might just try to shop by phone. Tell the dealers that you know exactly what you want, right down to the option codes. Let them know you're an educated buyer and are looking to order a truck for a couple hundred over dealer invoice. If you've got your financing preapproved, let them know that. If they say you're not in the ballpark. Thank them for their time.

    When I bought my 92 F-250, I tried that strategy. Amazingly, the dealer called me back a few minutes later with a better offer. They are not used to people politely thanking them for their time and walking away from the deal, unless they think the customer is only a tire kicker.

    I had good phone negotiations going on with two dealerships simultaneously with my 92 truck. I was up front with both of them and let them know that I was actively negotiating with the other dealership at the same time. I also let them know that I was going to buy the truck that day from one of them, and I did. Neither dealership wasted more than an hour of their time in the negotiations process and both had an equal chance to get the sale. There were no test drives, going over options, etc. You would think that more dealers would be willing to invest an hour in a negotiation if they had a 50% chance at a sale, but alot of dealership are hesitant to negotiate over the phone. You have to convince them that you are a serious buyer with cash in your pocket.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    Beware of dealer added costs. Obviously, the destination charges is part of the dealer invoice, and there are local sales tax and tag fees. In addition to that, there is a Ford factory advertising fee of something like $40. They will probably also charge you for gas to fill the tank. Those are all legit.

    The cost you want to avoid are extra added local advertising fees and special documentation fees. Sometimes, the dealer won't mention them at all and they will just show up on the invoice. Other times, they will say they are from the factory, which isn't true. If they won't eliminate the charges, make sure to add them to the amount you are paying above invoice to see if you're still getting the acceptable deal you think you are. It doesn't do any good if you get a truck for $500 over invoice and then they tack on an extra $300 in other dealership specific costs.
  • kat16kat16 Posts: 1
    I received an email to contact a ford dealer in Washington, and I emailed the lady there. She gave me a price of only $500.00 above invoice for the Truck I am interested in.

    She said that if I wanted to order, that I need to send her a few Ford Dealers names & numbers in my area and she would have the truck shipped right to them for me to pick up. I would only have to pay the local dealer's "dealer-prep" fee.

    I would imagine this is around $300.00, or $350.00 or so. I guess I would have to call - but I wondered if anyone else did anything like this? The local dealers would rather spit on you than deal price in my area - really.

    I realize now that I am going $500.00, "then" another $300.00 or so. I guess there is no way to guarantee the dealers prep charge. I always refused to pay this in the past - as a waste of money, I mean they only check gas and oil levels and stuff like that.

    I would love to hear what everyone else says about this. The dealer is Titus-Will Ford-Toyota of Tacoma,Washington, and the fleet manager there is Tunya(pronounced Tonya) O. Hampton. She is the fleet sales manager there. Her direct E-mail address is
    [email protected]

    in case anyone else is interested in this option. They are very professional and give very fast responses. What do I need to beware of? Will I have a horrendous time if I need service through a Ford Dealership, such as for callbacks? Any other problems I can not think of?

    Thank you, and I hope this information might help someone else out there in the same spot. I heard that new car sales are still high - but ARE slowing. I am not in a mad rush to buy, and am carefully considering my options. I really DID offer too much to that first dealer I approached, and would have paid it too if he accepted! I am kind of glad they treated me the way they did (I did not buy it) - and have learned a LOT since!

    Thanks all!

  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    You definitely want to lock in the dealer prep charge. I think the dealership you are buying the truck from should be able to take care of all of that for you. If possible, let them talk with a local dealer and work out the costs. Maybe you can even wrap it up in your financing. One out-of-state dealership I know of had a $500 drop-ship fee. They took care of paying the receiving dealership. I have no idea how much of that $500 would have gone to the receiving dealership and how much would have gone into their pocket.

    It's my understanding that no Ford dealer can refuse to accept a Ford vehicle being "drop shipped" to their dealership from another dealership. It would be sweet revenge if you could get it drop-shipped to the dealership that treated you poorly.
  • pistnpistn Posts: 1
    I'm looking for any experience with the 7.3 Powerstroke. Maintenance problems, fuel mileage, longevity, etc.

    Mike B.
  • jraskejraske Posts: 133
    For answers to any questions you may have about the Ford diesl or any other questions you may have about Ford trucks check out topic #1166.You will find lots of people willing to help you with any problems you may have.
  • porkyporky Posts: 83
    Glad to see my post(Archived Topics---Ford Super Duty-Continued. Topic #605 Post #461 in July) has received some attention.

    If you decide to buy from Tunya, I think you will find she is very helpful and definitely customer focused.

    I only have one suggestion. Ask her why she is charging $500.00 over invoice to out of state customers when she is only charging $300.00 over to the locals (back in July-- maybe things have gone up)???? Don't be afraid to mention my name (Paul Freeman) when you talk to her. Might save you a couple of hundred bucks!! (not guaranteed) Give her a ribbing over it.

    If she can "Drop Ship" anywhere, so can anyone else. Crazyelvis and several others have purchased their trucks at "Gator Ford" ,I believe in Tampa, Florida and dealt with a gentleman named Ken. They say they have had great results with this dealership. Find CrazyE somewhere lurking around in some of the other forums (Super Duty III for one) and have him give you more exact information.

    UPDATE: Also Tunya recently got married.(I guess not too recently) Her new name is Tunya H. Johnson.
  • fred9fred9 Posts: 32
    I just placed an order for a 2000 SD 4x4 crewcab
    Lariat with the PSD with every option except the
    snow plow option for $46000 CND or $31000 US. I
    asked about the availability of the Lariat LE package
    and my fleet salesman told me they will only see
    around 5 a year with one on the lot as we speak.
    Unfortunately the dealer won't go any more than
    $500.00 off list. If I wanted a dually I'd definitely
    go after it but its to wide for my spastic driving :).

  • fred9fred9 Posts: 32
    I forgot to mention that if you can order through
    the fleet dept. you will get the best deal without
    having to deal with the vulture type A** holes in
    the show room. Remember to make sure your
    order goes through as a priority 10 as this will
    place your order over stock orders aswell as the
    usual priority 40 orders that they try to stick on
    discounted orders.

  • i ordered SD CC PSD 4WD SB XLT from Harrell motors, Placerville [sacramento area] on sept. 1,ignorant to everything until started reading this forum later. I found out i was priority 40 on dora dated sept 24. as of nov 3 up to priority 32, clean and unscheduled. On nov. 3 I ordered the same truck by phone from tunya, titus-will in tacoma. 1,100 dollars cheaper, 500 over, she says super cab is 300 over. order rcpt date 11,4,99, dora processed 11,4,99 with vin # on it. called vopc on 11,11,99 and scheduled to build wk. of 11,29,99. this with a priority 19 ??? she will set it up with calif emissions and sales tax and DMV. she can drop ship it anywhere but i will fly up [$120], visit my sister and friends in seattle area and drive it back. AND ONLY $100 good faith deposit. can't beat it
  • I am trying to decide wether to buy a f-250
    powertroke or a 350 power stroke. I plan to pull a
    29-31 ft airstream and would like a crew cab for
    family travel. I am interested to know if there is
    any real difference in the two models maximum
    towing weight. I understand airstreams are heavy
    trailers. I have read in other conferences that
    350's may have a better resale value I plan to get
    a lariet package in 4 wheel drive. (I also do a lot
    of hunting in the swamps of south Georgia) Any
    advice will be appreciated.
  • I'm looking at the 2000 Ford RV and trailer towing guide and the only possible difference in this case is one of 100 lbs difference for fifth wheel towing with a manual transmission (12,900 vs 13000). Otherwise conventional towing rating is all the same at 10000 lbs. I did notice that cargo weight rating however is about double for every configuration. Considering a price difference of only a couple hundred bucks, I'd go with a 350.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    As the previous post mentions, conventional tow ratings for both trucks is 10,000 pounds. The F-250 will actually have a higher 5th wheel tow rating because the F-350 is a tad heavier.

    The advantage of the F-350 vs the F-250 is GVWR, which is the max weight of the truck and everything in it, including passengers. Only about 15% (give or take a few percent) of the trailer weight counts against the GVWR since the trailer obviously carries alot of it's weight on it's own axle(s). The GVWR is a big issue for people with slide-in cabover truck campers or for people who haul heavy stuff in the bed. The GVWR of the F-250 is 8,800 pounds. The F-350 is 9,900 pounds and the F-350 dually is 11,200 pounds.
  • porkyporky Posts: 83
    Looks like this topic area has been discarded and you my not stop by to read but I'm curious so I'll ask anyway!!!!

    Peter or Kate, did either of you finally order and receive shipment of your Super Duty truck yet(from Titus-Will Ford)????

    I took delivery of mine (better say OURS -- being married) on Dec. 11th and was very pleased!! Everything that was ordered in options was there and all extra items desired (canopy, bed liner, grill etc.) were in place before they said "come and get it"!!!

    I can honestly say, besides the long wait, that the purchase of this vehicle has been a pleasant experience and it can be directly attributed to Tunya and the staff at Titus-Will Ford.

    Hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas, an exciting New Year, and wishing you both lots of luck wherever you purchase your trucks!!!
  • anyone in the market for a new f-350 try cerritos ford in cerritos california they have about the best price ive found.i live in so cal and have been searching for about 1 month for the best deal. im ordering a f-350 crew cab dually lariet with auto trans v-10 engine,two tone paint,tow and trailer pkg.,telescopic mirrors,4.30 rear axle,and i have been quoted a price of $ 30,300 from cerritos ford. i checked what tunya could sell it to me for and her price was $32,194.
    if your interested give jack elder a call and mention ricksrb. good luck
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    Cerritos Ford is where I purchased my '99 SD. In January '98 Joe Plante and I sat down at the Ford terminal and selected the options. Mine worked out to $29,100 and was about $300 less than the nearest quote. I've never dealt with a dealer where everything was so above the board. Since then I've sent three others there and they all bought. The only problem was that Cerritos' allocation wasn't that big for trucks.
  • rms44rms44 Posts: 1
    I live in the Cincinnati area and I'm starting my shopping for a 4x4 F250 or 350 xcab. Can anyone from my area recomend a dealer. Thanks!
  • I read all of what you had here. Went with Ken English, Gator Ford, because I live in GA and I can drive down and pick it up. F350 2WD CC SRW LB $500 over invoice, Priority #14. Thanks Kate, John, Jack, lewac, Brutus, Porky and Fred. You all saved me a lot of headaches. God bless you all. Bill
  • I'm new to this site but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone know of a way to check status on a vehicle order placed thru a dealer (Ford Dealer that is). I have been getting the run around lately. They didn't have a problem taking my money, but are a little sluggish in providing information. They say 6-8 weeks for delivery but it has already been 4 and I still don't have a VIN or schedule date on a priority 12 DORA dated 21 Jan 00. Maybe i'm just a little impatient but I would really like to get somewhere on this issue. If anyone knows of a site that I can get this info, I would appreciated a line or two. I have been reading this site and plan to continue when I finally get my new ford.
  • sazbbbsazbbb Posts: 3
    Am considering Ford 350, 4x4, diesel dually with probable adding of Lance 1120 cabover camper. Want safety, and ability to go off on unbeaten paths. Travel for 2-3. Buying now to enjoy weekends and in several years use for retirement travel. Plan to keep truck/camper 12-16 years.What should I be considering? Will also use for "around town second vechicle" Woman driver.Expect to have reasonable re-sale given well-taken care of- any suggestions as to options to consider-must have vs desirable? What about this new diesel engine expected in 2002? Any suggestions and advice appreciated . sazbbb
  • slick36slick36 Posts: 3
    Make sure you check for lots of info on truck/camper combinations. I am ordering a F-350 to use with a lance 1140. I ordered duel alternators for the extra electrical power. definitely go with a duelly and 531 & 532 camper packages for truck. Don't order class 4 hitch if you plan on pulling something behind camper it will have to be replaced with class 5 anyway.
  • sazbbbsazbbb Posts: 3
    Thank you for your suggestions. Will check out to see re truckcampers. Also re 2x alternators and class 5 hitch,
  • I have been told that it is nearly impossible to get a Super Duty. I have just ordered a F250 Crew Cab Lariat 4x4 SWB w/diesel and auto. Am told it can take anywhere from 12 weeks to 8 months. Depends on the cycle the factory is in and which models they are cranking. Apparently they do it in batches. Reason: back orders. Factory in Louisville is apparently going 24x7. Ford did not anticipate the popularity of the Super Duty trucks. The dealer I ordered from has 52 back ordered. Well, now I guess they have 53 back ordered. I could have had the one they had on the lot, but even at $200 over invoice it still costs $34600. So I might as well get what I want.
  • vapor007vapor007 Posts: 1
    I have not purchased a F350 yet. But normally I use my Sam's Club membership and pay $200.00 over invoice. Its not as hard to get a good deal as it seems. I have walked away from $5000.00 off MSRP at least twice. They just didn't have the color and options I wanted. I am not using mine for business nor do I have one. So I figure if I am paying 35,000 I want exactly what I want. But use Sam's Club buying. They have to show you the invoice. I am a Marine and it even beats the program Ford has for military members.
  • slick36slick36 Posts: 3
    Have truck build date of Apr 3. So I should have truck within 6 weeks of order. I do not believe it should take till next fall to receive truck unless that dealership does not have allotment. for trucks. check with high volume truck dealer and you can get truck fast
  • apap1apap1 Posts: 1
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    You may not be aware of this but your "Caps Lock" key is stuck on.

    The only SD that sits higher than my F-250 SD 4x2 is a 4x4. The 4x4 is about 1-2 inches higher.
  • skipmckskipmck Posts: 1
    I`m doing my homework prior to ordering our new truck. Considering an 2001 F350 and I am hearing rumors about there being a choice in engines for 2001. Changes also include a choice in interior colors, does anybody have info.
  • parkswparksw Posts: 2
    I live in the Orlando, Florida area and I'm starting my shopping for a 4x4 Powerstroke F250 or 350 extended. I contacted Gator Ford in Tampa and they did not have any in stock, they quoted 8 to 10 week delivery! A friend of mine bought from them & he was really satisified, but the salesman left he made the deal with.

    I have a 2000 Silverado that I love, but have a large boat to pull & need 4WD to pull it out of the ramp.

    Can anyone reccomend a dealer.


    Parks Wilson
  • debberadebbera Posts: 1
    Just ordered our F-350 Lariat Crewcab. No new choices for interior color. New options include, heated seats, backup sensor that beeps when you're within a foot of something, and a 6 CD changer. New standard is a combo radio/cassette/single CD changer stereo system. Nice options for exterior colors. Our dealer said that currently, the demand for the super duties is done because of the current gas prices. We exprect delivery as early as mid-August.
  • pwhiteleypwhiteley Posts: 4
    i am looking at a F-350 supercab, dually, automatic, 4x4. i am a full-time rancher and pull a 24' cattle trailer for about three months. should i get the powerstroke or the V10. please give me all the advice and all the pros and cons you can give me, i have always had a gas F-250 (460) and i just sold my first diesel (turbo dsl.)
    what should i do and where should i order it from...i live in south tx
  • pwhiteleypwhiteley Posts: 4
    what choices of a engine are there
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
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