86 Thunderbird - Won't stay running

sharky08sharky08 Member Posts: 2
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Grandfathers Thunderbird has sat for 5 years. I can hear the fuel pump build pressure, replaced fuel filter. After cranking on it, eventually it will start. When it starts to die, I give it some more gas, RPMs increase but it doesnt run much longer. I do smell gas after it dies. After a couple times of this the battery has to be recharged. I hook it up to a jump at 55amp's and it will start once more and then die. Also, I did drain the fuel and put in half a tank of new gas and 1 - bottle of gas treatment. Before breaking my pocket book, if someone could please give me some insight on what might be the issue. It is much appreciated as I dont want to see this car taken to the salvage yard.


  • rhinestonefuserhinestonefuse Member Posts: 76

    five years is not lng enough for the gas to go bad. sounds like the car is flooding, getting too much gas. check / clean maf/map sensors.
  • sharky08sharky08 Member Posts: 2
    I have replaced the fuel filter, idle control sensor, throttle position sensor. Before this the car wouldnt run over 500 RPMs and then die. Now, after it starts it does reach the normal RPM level. However, it will not run longer than a minute. Once it has started to warm up, that time does shorten. Is this vacuum related? Fuel pressure regulator? Im not sure what else to check.
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