Non-car filter for cabin filter? (Ex regular AC filter)

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Is there any reason I shouldn't use a regular home AC filter as my car cabin filter?

I bought a new cabin air filter for my 2002 monte carlo and the higher end one cost a little over $16. A regular air filter for my AC at home is $7 for a 20' x 16' filter. I could cut it to size, and double up the regular AC filter and still pay a fourth of the cost. Is there anything I should be aware of?

The main reason is the car air filter messed with my allergies for some reason, while the one I use in my AC at home is one of the few filters my sinuses are ok with.

Are car air filters specifically heat resistant? Could a regular AC filter catch fire if put in a car? Are there other unique aspects built into a car air filter? Could I do the same with the engine air filter?

Thanks for the advice!


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    Good question about the fire concerns.

    I've used a folded up home filter before, but some of the OEM filters may have activated charcoal woven in them. Maybe that's your asthma trigger! The OEM ones fit better; your homemade one could let more pollens or other stuff into the cabin.

    Don't think I'd try a home HVAC filter for the engine though. That's kludgier than even I'm willing to go.
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    Cool, thanks! When i'm low on funds I'll probably try it for a bit anyway, we'll see. Thanks for the advice.
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    Have you tried Rockauto? They're pretty cheap. That way it'll fit correctly.
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