2014-'15 Jeep Grand Cherokee Probed by Feds for Rollaway Risk | Edmunds.com

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image2014-'15 Jeep Grand Cherokee Probed by Feds for Rollaway Risk | Edmunds.com

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating an estimated 408,000 2014-'15 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs after consumer complaints alleging rollaway risk.

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    this is comical...i have a 2012 Volkswagen CC which did this to me.....i put the car in park and was standing in front of it with the engine running..after about 3 minutes the car took off...crashing through my garage and running me over in the process....contacted volkswagen about it..they replaced the cars ECM/TCM without telling me at my dealership..then sent out a corporate engineer to inspect the car..they had it for a day and told me their final conclusion was "we're not denying what happen but since the engineer couldn't duplicate it, we feel as if we're not responsible." mind you, the car did this to me 3 times prior, except while driving...car would accelerate to 100-110 MPH on its own...would not shift into neutral and brakes wouldn't work until around that speed...regardless the 4th incident not only caused me physical damage...but $2500 for new garage doors and $3600 of damage to the car.....i still have my CC and have not had an incident since they've changed the ECM/TCM....but the best part is i just bought a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee a little over a month ago....hope it doesn't happen with this one as well!
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