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Honda Pilot window only making clicking noise - not opening

lambornlamborn Member Posts: 2
edited August 2015 in Honda
My 2004 Honda Pilot's drivers side front window is not functioning. Last week a cable snapped on the motor/regulator, so I replaced that whole unit. I know the motor works as I can put direct power to it from the car battery and it will raise and lower.

Using the switch on the door, the black box puts out a clicking noise. So I have replaced both the black box and the door switch itself. STILL ONLY CLICKING.
I read on another post that plugging the courtesy light back in would help. Not for me however.

Super annoying. All 3 other windows work from the drivers door switches.

Any thoughts on this?


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    93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello! Yes, thoughts, start by process of elimination. First, are you sure you have re-connected everything correctly? If so use a multi-meter set to lowest DC setting above 12 volts; start with that door switch, do you have 12 volts? If so, move on to the motor connector, when the switch is engaged, is there 12 volts, if there is a relay for this circuit, check it, is there a separate fuse, pull and reinsert it or replace it (oh the number of times I have spent hours looking for an open circuit, only to find a fuse not making a good connection). You say you have applied power from the battery and the window works, and even with the switch there is a clicking sound. I would look hard at that fuse and a relay if there is one. Relays can often be bad, but still let just enough power through to partially activate a circuit. Good luck.
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    lambornlamborn Member Posts: 2
    OK, so the window works again, but unfortunately I cannot say what exactly I did to fix it. I had replaced the black box, door switch, and the motor/regulator all to no avail. Then BAM my front A/C Blower Transistor blew out, killing my A/C during a stretch of 100+ degree weather here in Northern CA. Awesome....
    Anyway, in futzing around trying to diagnose the A/C issue, POW the window starts working again.
    I smell huge problems down the road.
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