2000 626 - shifting issues!

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Hello all!!

Need some help. My Daughter just bought a used car from a friend. Had CEL on but otherwise seems to run well. 2000 w/167,000 miles on it.

I took it to work to run it through it's paces and once warm, started to slip and want to shift up and down at highway speeds (65-70). Once I slowed to city traffic, wanted to down shift, "clunk" and shift hard at 25-45 mph.

Fluids are good and O/D light not on.

I had O'reilly pull the CEL code(s) and it was P1569 -VTCS Solenoid Valve Circuit Low Input and also said see P0661.

The fresh air intake hose is torn as well.

They may be unrelated. Any ideas??

Leaving for college soon and dont want to give her my Jeep!!

Please and thanks for the help!
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