2004 Saturn Vue has severe vibration at speeds approaching 55MPH

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2004 Saturn Vue, V6 AWD with 138K miles. In the last 8 months I have had the struts rebuilt, all brake components replaced (everything), front axles replaced, anti-sway bar bushings replaced, front end alignment, replaced wheels and tires and front wheel bearings, replaced two broken motor mounts, removed defective main drive shaft, all to eliminate the vibration that begins at speeds approaching highway speeds.
The problem has not gone away but is much improved with the new axles and motor mounts. Sheering shaft was replaced 7 years ago.

The GM dealer refuses to look at it until I replace the drive shaft, which the car doesn't need to drive.

I have had it to suspension specialists and a dozen mechanics and we are all at a loss.


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    So, it's a FWD only Vue at the moment?
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    yes, front wheel drive only at this moment but removing the drive shaft changed nothing as far as the vibration is concerned. The steering wheel shakes too
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    Curious if any of your symptoms fall under the "death wobble" that was complained about around 2007, mostly with Wranglers but also some SUVs and trucks. Lot of different theories for that one including out of balance drive shafts. You've eliminated that as a possibility it seems. Lots of the death wobble posts concerned steering oscillation. You may want to skim those ~60 odd posts at my link to see if anything jumps out at you - steering bushings or who knows what.
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    Every other car I have owned had a steering damper, I don't find any for the Saturn Vue, Is this because it's rack and pinion? All components (ball joints, etc) are tight and front wheel bearings are new. It is puzzling,
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