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2015 Accord EX-L V6: Any issues I should pay attention to?

mamamia2mamamia2 Member Posts: 707
edited August 2015 in Honda
Just got it yesterday, traded in my 2005 EX-L V6, with only 69k miles (a really great car!).

The 2015 runs great, BUT seems to me like this is a big computer with 4 wheels... 90% of the car is sophisticated digital technology that one needs to go to school to learn... Lucky our salesman is patient and knowledgeable, 'cause if one relies on the OWNER'S MANUAL --- what a disaster!!! It's the WORST car manual I've ever seen.... Whoever produced that 600-page book should be beheaded. :D

My question here is, what issues, if any, should I pay attention to, what are the weak points of this car?

-- Thanks, guys!
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