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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey Maxx4me or Marywilson: I am new to the forum and am about to snatch up the LS sedan - I absolutely cannot locate a reference for the conquest incentive and the dealers say it doesn't exist - can you please help? Also, if I am reading correctly, I can expect that the dealer will come down off of the GMS price by about $500- $1000 - is that right? Then, if the conquset exists, another $1000?
  • Hi dwcycle:

    According to GM's website, only Vibe has conquest incentive. Sorry, but Malibu is out of the question.
    I have asked my dealer to sell a Maxx at $500 below GMS price, but he said that is out of the question. However, he did stated that he would give me a higher than normal trade in for any vehicle I bring in for this purchase.

    I already own a Maxx LS with 1SB; it is a wonderful vehicle. No major complains. I get about 24miles/gallon combine, close to 30 on hwy travel---NYC to DC.
    My sister has a Toyota Camry, and that is the reason I had asked about conquest incentive. My colleague at school had correct information, but wrong car. I will have to drag my sister down to my local Chevy dealer to have her Camry appraised.

    Hope that help, and good luck.
  • Found a Chevrolet Malibu LS 2000 with great miles at a great approved for a loan, can't get to the car but need the loan when I do, can't get the loan until I know I have the car. The dealership won't hold the car, the bank won't give the money. Any suggestions, help!
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    can''t get the loan because you don't have the car???? You need a new bank/CU, real fast. I'd also advise you against that Malibu. Surely there are better and more reliable used Japanese models out there for you to throw your hard earned money at. Please check your local library. The 2000 Malibu was riddled with problems (electrical, brakes, cooling, A/C), only fixed in the last year of that model (2003).
  • Surely there are better and more reliable used Japanese models out there for you to throw your hard earned money at

    First of all, chevy is more reliable than toyota, and has benn for about 2 years now. Its only then overall toyota with lexus vs ALL OF GM that the reliablility is different. Second of all, didn't the Malibu do much better in all the quality rankings as of late? This is a very reliable car with a bulletproof powertrain and 35mpg on the hyway.

    Also, i agree that the 2000 malibu is not like the 2004, but there are many 2004's out there you can get a killer deal on.
  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    Historically, GM has trouble with reliability. I lemon lawed a 2003 Malibu for a myriad of problems. The 2004 though is a different story. GM has taken their time and while the 04 MY had its problems, they have worked out many if not all. There are no major powertrain issues, electrical issues, body issues, etc.
  • Maxx LS 1SB, $23,635 including heating seat and $625 destination fee. $18,641+tax and other fee. said $400 below GMEP. OTD will be around 20,500, I guess. I am asking for $1,000 below GMEP. Waiting for response.
  • jjpnycjjpnyc Posts: 2
    Just bought my first car via a dealer who was eager to get rid of his 2005's to make room for the '06s. The details are:

    Malibu Sedan LS
    MSRP $21,265 plus the sports appearance package & side-air bags package (1SB) which brought the total sticker price up to $24,180.

    Dealer originally offered a price of $22,245 without me even asking. Through several rounds of negotiation (all done via the phone), final price was $20,429 (16% off of sticker & $1,123 under Edmund's TVM pricing). Throw on top of this the $3,250 cash-back GM is offering on '05s and my GM Card points and I'm driving it off the lot just a shade above $15,100 plus tax.

    Looks like dealers are eager to get rid of their '05s NOW.
  • Don't you people ever read or ask question to a dealer? Don't take this the wrong way but with as much information that is out there, consumers are still in the clouds when it comes to buying a car.

    Delivery Fee? What are you having the vehicle delivered to your house? It's called the DESTINATION FEE and is included on every vehicle, GM, Ford Employee what have you. This deal is over - thank god.

    Per last post: You got the GM employee price plus possible some dealer cash, maybe up to $1000 late last month. Where did you get the $3250 in rebates? So you bought a $24,180 Malibu for a tad over $15K?

    I'll call you on this and say you are lying. Sorry - but my friend is a Chevy dealer and we looked, there was no programs like that. Where I live there are practically no Malibu's all sold out. Besides, a 2006 Malibu LS now lists for $17,998 and with rebate the car is yours for Under $15K, and that is with NO GM discount.

    Take TMV pricing with a grain of salt, as it's not very accurate, in some cases high, and others low and should be considered like a wild @ss guess.
  • The 2006 Malibu LS is now the BASE model, so you can't compare the price of a 2005 and 2006 LS. The 2005 LS is a 2006 LT, the 2005 LT is now the 2006 LTZ.

    I'd apologize for calling the previous poster a liar!
  • Ten days ago, I bought one of these with package 1SB for $19,400 including tax, title, and fees. I got the GM employee discount price plus a $2000 rebate and, at this price, this car is a fantastic bargain.

    When I took it out for a test drive, my first impression was that it had a great balance between ride comfort and handling agility---easily the best of any vehicle I've ever driven. GM has come a long way in its chassis engineering during the last eight years (my Dad used to own a '98 Malibu). They've also done a great job improving the fit, finish, and materials quality of their interiors, as this car's interior is just as nice and as well put together as the interior of my Dad's '03 Toyota Camry. Ditto the fit and finish of the exterior body panels---the tolerances are as tight as the Toyota's.

    If this Malibu proves as reliable after almost three years as my Dad's Camry has so far, then GM is definitely back in the big leagues.
  • jjpnycjjpnyc Posts: 2
    Hi Clarence-
    In response to your claim that I'm lying, I beg to differ. Here's how the deal broke down:

    MSRP: $24,180 (base price of $21,265, $2,290 in options, & $625 destination charge)
    Negotiatied price: $20,249
    GM Cash Back: $3,250 (check the recent 2005 northeast incentives on
    Price before GM Card points: $16,999
    GM Card Point: $1,831 (I have the "old" card that doesn't limit how much you can use)
    Final price: $15,168

    Of course I'm not including tax & title as that varies by state so it's not fair to include it hear as it'll vary from place to place & out of our control. But everything else above was available through either incentives, GM Card point, or good old negotiation. What can I say, I'm a good negotiator. The dealer was eager to move the car off of his lot and was willing to do it at an attractive price to get it out of the way. So that is how I got my 2005 Malibu LS for just a shade above $15K. I'll take your apology when you are ready.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Other than the GM card (which I didn't have), this is in line with what I pad last winter for my LS Maxx. Don't see how that guy can accuse you of lying. :mad:
  • I purchased a used 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic for just under $9,000 (pre TT&L) today. It was previously a rental car and it has just over 12K miles on it.

    It's getting cleaned tonight and I can't wait to pick it up! :)
  • mickymicky Posts: 2
    Just tried a V6 Malibu 2005 model and like it. Now I want to buy a new 2006 model. The MSRP is 17990. How much I can negotiate with dealer. Do you know how much discount is GMS and GM employee discount? The dealer gave me -500 for Malibu 1LS. I wonder this discount is too little.

    Thanks a lot.
  • 05 LS with 15,000 miles, standard equip for the model with spoiler.

    Or 05 STD with 12,000 miles same equip as above but with 4 cyl engine.

    Thanks in advance
  • Don't know if this will help, but here is my experience:

    I bought a used '05 LS with 11,000 miles (as you describe minus the spoiler) for $14K before tax, title, and extended warranty. I was able to haggle with the dealer and he came down $1000 on the price. Edmund's appraised the TMV (True Market Value) of this used car at $16,500 dealer retail. I think I got a great deal in part because I purchased on Dec. 29 (end of month/year). Try using Edmund's website to get the TMV for the used car you're looking at.
    Good luck.
  • I just realized that I didn't read your post closely enough. The car I purchased is a Maxx LS, not the sedan. Pricing would be different, I think.
  • :) Hi everyone....Michigan newbee here. On 1/31/06 I leased a 2006 LS sedan with the ABS/Traction control option. MSRP was $17,455.00. I received a $500.00 rebate plus an additional $500.00 rebate related to the Detroit Auto Show. GM had boosted my GM card dollars from the $525.00 I had on the card to $2,000.00...good until the end of January. I was not eligible for any supplier or employee discount. I used only the dollars from my card - no out of pocket money and leased the car for 39 months, 12,000 miles per year, for $192.00 per month. Dealer even delivered the car 70 miles to my home today! Very happy with the deal and the car so far!
  • Sounds like a fantastic deal. What state did you purchase it in? How do you like this car? I'm considering purchasing one myself. Thanks!
  • Hi, I'm from central lower Michigan just outside of Lansing and got the car from a dealer near Grand Rapids. So far the car has been great but I've only put a couple of hundred miles on it. Planning a trip to Chicago this weekend so we'll see how that goes. The fuel mileage has been very good too. The computer is telling me I'm getting 34 + mpg on the highway and no less than 28 average. I think the car represents a very good value for the price, especially when you consider everything that is included in the base LS.
  • I'm thinking of purchasing a new left over 05 malibu LS with option package 1sb. The dealer currently has $4,500 off marked on the window.. Sticker price is $23,360. Can someone give me some realistic numbers.. I'm also eligible for the GMS supplier discount..

  • bobyera1bobyera1 Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2006 Chevrolet Malibu LT with anti-lock brakes and remote vehicle start in Massachusetts for 17,800
  • Thank you for your response.. was this your price before tax? dealer i visited yesterday was very rude.. They wanted to allow me $4400 which has a NADA trade value of $7200. I think they quoted me 18,400 for their mailibu which supposedly included my GMS discount. WHen i told them what i needed for my car, they were totally done with me.. and i might add, not once did they invite me inside the store to sit down and try to come up with a figure. i actually drove an 06 accord se last night and the dealer was lower on price than the 05 malibu..
  • bobyera1bobyera1 Posts: 2
    My price was before tax. Your best bet is to keep negotiations separate. Don't even let them know you are considering trading in your current car before you negotiate a price on a new car. Once you agree on a price, then you can bring up the subject of a trade in. Find another dealer though you will usually have more leverage buying at the end of the month.
  • jes1955jes1955 Posts: 8
    A dealer in my area is offering this identical vehical for $17,480. I think you could bring them down more.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    A year ago I bought an '05 LS Maxx for $16,000. That seems to be an extremely high price for a leftover sedan. I'd figure low fifteens at most.
  • Thanks to all for your replies.. the info was really helpful. I was surprised that the dealer wouldn't be a lil more anxious about moving a car that was a year old as I didn't see anyone in line trying to buy it. I am considering a different make/model..
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    It's an extremely enjoyable car-- at least the Maxx-- I think there's better sedan buys elsewhere. (wish there was ten different mid-sized hatches out there) Did you attempt to go directly to the Internet sales coordinators through Edmunds? My two closest dealers quoted exactly the same price.
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