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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks for sharing your buying experience.
    Our salesman also factored in the rebate in his initial offer. I inmediately pointed it out. Ugh!

    Can't sales people learn to spot informed/educated buyers so that we can all cut the BS and save time? I've spent over 6hrs spread over 2 days to close the deal.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    You got a good deal, read my post #99 mine came to 11K I had the money from the totaled car in my pocket. Cost me $5500 the wife came up with the other $5500 after all its her car lol.
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    We got our 2004 on Monday...last day of the 4K rebate I think. We bought the base LS at $22,305 sticker and then got 4K off for the Chevy rebate and another 2K from the our price was about 16K. I had to shop at two different dealers and spend 3 plus hours at each...but I think the end result was worth it.

    We traded in a 2002 Axiom (4WD) that has a KBB value of about my numbers above were assuming they gave me the KBB value for my Axiom (which I believe they did).
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    welcome to our small but growing Maxx forum here....congrats on your purchase
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Can't get my wife out of her Malibu, 1k in 9 days it's now slowing down a bit.
  • Is there anyone that has financed from GMAC without using the 0% rate?

    My understanding is that you can select either the $3500 rebate, or 0% and $1500. However, it also appears that if you get standard financing through GMAC, you can get the $3500 rebate and the $1500 Bonus cash. In that case, does anyone have any idea what the rate would be?

    It appears that Raybee (Post #125) got an interest rate of 2.1%, which is pretty good. That in combination with a $5k rebate would be an excellent bargain.

  • Just clocked 800 mi on my Maxx LT and was wondering if I am the only one having a chime go off and the info screen flashing "Check Gas Cap". This has happened twice so far. I check the cap and it seems OK. The manual states this condition will clear after a few trips, which it did the first time. Now it has started again and I just clear the message by hitting the "Enter Button" and just ignore it. I will mention this when I take the vehicle in for it's first service. So far I think the Maxx is a honey of a car and extremely satisfied with it. My out the door cost loaded was $19000 with rebates and GM Card ernings for this top of the line LT.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    did you make sure that the cap clicked several times...when you tightened it....I beleive you must insure that to insure a good vacuum seal...which might be setting off your light....I havent had the problem....anyone else???
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I posted a response in Malibu Problems and Solutions Area
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Any large fuel system leak will set off the gas cap warning , it just means there is a leak and GM has found the most likely cause is a loose cap. The computer would not know if the gas cap was loose, just that you have a fuel system leak some where.
  • We're set to take delivery of a new Maxx tomorrow.

    Silver, LT w/1SB, DVD system & Six disk CD changer.

    MSRP: $26,925
    Price: $24,837

    We're trading in our 02 Venture LS, and they've allowed us Edmund's trade in value.

    I've decided to finance through GMAC with a 7.99% rate, and will refinance later at my Credit Union. This allows me to get the $5000 rebate ($3500 + $1500 Bonus cash). The dealer says that I can refinance anytime, so I'll be checking the paperwork carefully before I sign to make sure thay aren't making a mistake (I don't intend to get stuck with this high rate for long).

    We test drove it a couple of weeks ago, and my wife was looking at a black one. However, my new Blazer is black, and shows dirt overnight. Thus, she decided that Silver would be fine.

  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    I've seen posts that refer to total rebates of $5000 and $5500. Here in Boston, the rebates are showing up as $4500 total ($3500 from GM plus $1000 from GMAC).

    Could someone please provide more info on that extra $500-1000 that is being referred to.

    In Boston, for an LS with 1SA I've found:

    MSRP 22,305
    Dlr. Disc. 2,806
    Rebate 3,500
    GMAC rebate 1,000

    Net: 14,999
  • Go to the website, and select Current Offers. Then select a different region, such as the Midwest. If there are different offers, you'll see them there.

    In the Midwest, the offers in effect last week were $3500 rebate and $1500 in Bonus GMAC cash if you financed through GMAC. Oddly enough, there is absolutely no pre-payment penalty, so we intend to refinance at about half the GMAC rate (7.99% vs 4.05%) with our Credit Union.

  • mfletouvamfletouva Posts: 166
    Is that at Quirk?
  •  I live in Louisiana (Louisiana Driver's License), the Special offer and incentive for a Malibu says $3500.00 (with an * refering that the GMAC bonus is included) or the different APR plus the $500.00. Let says I do not want the the "GMAC prefered aprs" Am I going to get $3,500.00 rebate or $4,000.00?. Also, one of the dealersships I have been dealing with is in Gulfport,Mississipi in a county where Chevrolet/GMAC is offering a better rebate ($4000/$1000). If I bought the Malibu form this last dealership Will I get the higher rebate? or I will get one for Louisiana. Please let me know I am almost ready to close my deal.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Yes, Quirk. $299 doc fee sours it a bit.

    Prices are coming down in the area. I sent out powerbuy price requests to a bunch of dealers. Most came back around 17,5 for an LS with 1SA. When I emailed them back with Quirk's ad price, a few came back with offers in the 15,5-15,7 range (along with the obligatory Quirk bashings).

    We've been looking since Friday, but we still have not seen a single Maxx on any road, highway, or parking lot from the NH to NJ.......
  • walletwallet Posts: 38

    Thanks. I had already checked out the different geographic offers. What I was wondering about was Madmaxx's rebate of $5500, which I couldn't find anywhere, including WA state.

    Was thinking it might be 4500 current (3500 GM + 1000 GMAC) + 1000 Olds loyalty??? Is that possible....?
  • Hi, Wallet -

    There is another way.

    Many Chevy dealerships have special $500 coupons that GM provides in order to close deals.

    I have been the recipient of two such coupons. When we purchased our '02 Venture, the dealership 'found' an extra $500 that was applied as a rebate at the time of purchase.

    In July, I purchased an '04 Blazer, and the rebates totalled $5500, not the $5000 that was shown on the web site the day I bought the vehicle. When I asked the dealership about it, they explained that GM had a special program for making close deals work.

    Informally, I have heard that dealerships are awarded these coupons based on their sales, with between five and ten awarded to the high volume stores.

    I don't know if that is how Madmaxx got the $5500, but it seems reasonable.

  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Thanks Steven! good info to know

    So that's where that extra $500 rebate came from when we bought our Tahoe back in late June. We had reached an impasse and I was just walking out, when the sales rep ran to the front desk and found us a different Tahoe with more options for a few $ less. On the BoS, it listed a total of $5500 in rebates when $5k was the max at the time. My Dad's theory was that they had fudged the numbers/facts and had slipped me a recent grad or military rebate to make the sale.

    When I had previously spoken with the sales manager, he had mentioned that they can sometimes call in to corporate and 'persuade' GM to throw an extra 'coupon' their way on a case-by-case/day-by-day basis (this is the 5th largest Chevy dealership in the US). I had been led to believe that it was partly dependent on the vehicle sitting on the lot for an extra long time.
  • madmaxxmadmaxx Posts: 44
    MadMaxx here--
    My $5,500 rebate is broken out as follows:
    $3,500 from GM.
    $1,500 from GMAC + 6.49% interest rate.
    $500 Seattle Seafair "Bonus Cash". I was told by several dealers the the bonus cash would end the 17th (yesterday).
    Maxx LS with floor mats.
    Window sticker $22,305
    Dealer discount -2,506
    Rebates -5,500
    Net Price $$14,299
    Hope this helps.
    I just finished my first road trip. Even with the Seattle I-5 traffic, I computed 32.8mpg!
    Very Happy with my new Maxx.
  • mfletouvamfletouva Posts: 166
    The other guys in the Boston area sure love to bash Quirk! My family bought two Oldsmobiles there and had good transactions, not to mention the lowest prices.

    I was shopping in northern VA but since my family lives in MA I could buy there too. I did talk to Quirk, but I wanted a 1SB. They would give the me the same deal on a 1SB as a 1SA, as in the same dollar amount, but on a 1SB with a sticker $850 higher, that discount wasn't as good a deal.

    Plus, I've heard funny things about financing with Quirk on their ad cars...but who knows.

    So I went with my Baltimore dealer for a 1sb (you can look back at my deal if you are interested). I thought I did well.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Since you brought up financing with Quirk:

    Other MA Chevy dealers are telling me that to get the full GMAC rebate, I have to finance a minimum if $5K and can pay off the note at anytime without penalty (which is supposedly MA law, one finance mgr. told me).

    Quirk on the other hand (multiple times via phone) INSISTS that I would have to finance $10K and hold on to the loan for 90 days lest GMAC charge me back for the full amount of the rebate. I have no idea how they think GMAC would accomplish this.

    RE: Quirk bashing: I'm tempted (for laughs) to post an email I received from a rival dealer after I asked them to compete with Quirk's price on a Maxx. Their reply accuses Quirk of everything, but stops just short of blaming them for starting WWII......
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    I just order Malibu Maxx LS with 1SB and Mudguard for $15750 in Chicago area.

    I have GM supplier discount. The rebate break down as:

    3500 cash
    1500 GMAC
    500 regional rebate.

    I think the interest rate from GMAC is higher in order to get 1500.

    Can any one tell me if I pay back the GMAC loan with cash or low interest rate loan from my credit union? Is there any penalty charge or fee if I do so? When can I Pay the loan back? What is the best interest rate and minimum loan from GMAC to get 1500 rebate? Is there application fee?

    Happy shopping every one
  • Hello, Liming -

    According to the GMAC loan paperwork we have, there is no prepayment penalty, and the loan can be paid off at any time.

    We did the same thing you are considering. Financed through GMAC in order to pick up the extra $1500.

    I called GMAC, and they told me that the dealer sets the interest rate. This information has been borne out. One of the dealers I obtained a price from said that the best they could do for a rate was 8.99%. The dealer I bought from offered me 7.99%.

    The dealership I bought from also told me that I can pay off the loan anytime I want. They claimed that if I pay off the loan within 90 days, GMAC will go back to them and charge them a couple hundred dollars. However, when I told the finance manager that we intend to refinance as soon as we get the account information from GMAC, she responded that she thought it was a good idea.

    When I was talking to the GMAC representative, I asked her why GMAC would be willing to write a high interest loan and give away $1500. She said she didn't understand it either, but I was completely free to refinance at any time.

    Seems odd, but I guess that's why I'm not a CEO.

    Good Luck and welcome to the board.

  • limingliming Posts: 22
    That interest rate is high. How the dealer figure the rate?
    I will close the deal on Saturday afternoon. Called the sales to fax me the contract today. It seemed that he hesitated to fax me the complete contract/agreement. Is the dealer playing game? I will find out soon, and let everyone know.
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    After reading the GMAC finance contract from the dealer. The prepayment will be figured by the Rule of 78. This may affect what you will get back from GMAC.

    It's compliacted
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    After reading the GMAC finance contract from the dealer. The prepayment will be figured by the Rule of 78. This may affect what you will get back from GMAC.

    It's compliacted
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Since you used the phrase: "This may affect what you will get back from GMAC".........

    Rule of 78 has nothing to do with the rebate you would receive from GMAC at time of purchase. It is a glorified way of saying you pay a penalty for early pay-off of your loan. It is outlawed in ~15 states and should be avoided if at all possible, as it will end up costing you beaucoup bucks.

    The rebate the link refers to is a "rebate of interest" and has to do with any interest you may have due you based on exactly when in the loan you actually pay it all off. It has nothing to do with the $500-1500 rebate that is tied to GMAC financing.

    Here's another explanation of the Rule of 78. PLEASE read it before you sign today, just so you know. First link crunches the numbers, second link gives history and why it is so evil:
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    In Chicago, I purchased the car today:

    Malibu Maxx
      1SB option
      Mud guard.

    MSRP: $23150
    Saving: $2454.25
    Cash rebate: -$3500
    GMAC rebate: -$1500
    Regional rebate: -$500

    Plus tax, doc fee, license and title

    Paid $17015

    The GMAC loan can be prepaid without penalty.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    It's killing me to see all these $5500 rebates. Best I can do in the northeast is still only $4500 in rebates and a little over $3K in dealer discounts.....
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