2008 PT Cruiser Turbo - How hard to replace AC discharge line? Help!

ptzptptzpt Member Posts: 1
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After three months and three recharges the Chrysler dealership finally determined that my AC discharge line needs replaced but, guess what? It isn't covered by the crappy warranty that I was duped into purchasing at 35,000 miles when I bought it in 2013. Surprise, surprise! Their repair guesstimate was >$400. I have the OEM part number and need to know how difficult this job is. I have a brother who would be willing and able to do the work for me as long as it's a reasonable job and not a major undertaking. Thank you so much for ANY help on this! -Pat


  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    A/C work is best left to a shop with the right knowledge and equipment.

    For one thing it'll require evacuating and recharging the system.
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