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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • xfshhxfshh Posts: 26
    Good info, but they only have several left so not worth going that far to get it.
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    I was referring to the Edmunds invoice. In other words, take the Edmunds invoice price and bargain for X hundred less than that number.

    Why? If you subtracted out all the hidden profit, then no way would they be able to sell for "less than invoice", right? That would make it a net loss, which they will rarely agree to...unless the car is an absolute dog or some other problem.
  • remassremass Posts: 1
    Yup, I went to Boch Norwood. Saw a Sunday ad for base Rav4 2wd with floor and cargo mat option as well as roof rails,day running lights and 17" rims. MSRP $22,514 they advertised selling for $19,988. Went in and stated I would take one for $19,000 and no more, figuring they probably wouldn't go much below the great Sunday newspaper Blow Out price. They were going to let me leave but stopped me at the door and agreed to $19k. Man I thought I did great!
    That next Sunday they had a new ad price of $17,988 for the same car!! Was I ever bummed out. I called them to ask about the new price and they tried to claim it included military money bonus but I bet they wouldn't let you leave if you called them out on it.

    Now they are pushing 08' 4x4 base Rav4's at $17,800 Aaaaahhhh!!!!! Moral of the story you can get your best deal at large volume dealers as the new model year vehicles roll in and they got out going model years piled up in a storage lot. (and they don't get much bigger than Boch) I'll be even more savy/ready when my wifes van needs replacing.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Amazing to hear about those kind of prices, here the base model is going for just under $21,000.
  • colfaxwolfcolfaxwolf Posts: 11
    I just took a look at their website. They are selling the base models with msrp of $24,088 for $17,800. That is $6,288 off retail. That is crazy. If I lived up there I would be racing to get one.
  • ywuywu Posts: 6
    Where can you find their selling price? On their website, I've only seen MSRP price and dealer's cost. Thank you.
  • ywuywu Posts: 6
    Oh, the price $17,800 is right under the promotion.
  • tsc2tsc2 Posts: 5
    I am debating between RAV4 vs CRV. What's a reasonable price for a RAV4 base AWD? Do you have any experience with dealers in the Memphis, Tennessee area?
  • eleanor31eleanor31 Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    I'm looking at purchasing a Rav4 and importing it to Canada. Reading some of this thread is making me question the price I'm getting from One of the problems we Canadian have is that we have to purchase via a third party because of restrictions that Toyota has placed on their US dealerships. The dealerships are not allowed to sell new cars to Canadians. Anyway, here's the info on the car:
    Toyota Rav4 4x4 Base
    3rd row seat
    daytime running lights
    tonneau cover
    !7" steel wheels
    carpet floor / cargo mats
    wheel / with spare tire lock

    for $24,000 plus $995 transportation to my door.

    It's hard for me to compare this price with others listed here since I don't see any with the third row seat option. Can you give me some advice?

  • ywuywu Posts: 6
    Here is the invoice I got from
    2008 Toyota RAV4 Base 4x4 V4
    Invoice $20,920.00
    Wheels: 17 in. Styled Steel $96.00
    Third Row 50/50 Split Seat $752.00
    Anti-Theft System w/Immobilizer $48.00
    Option total $896.00
    Manufacturer's Destination Charge $685.00
    Total $22,501.00

    Please note that the 17in wheel here is the styled, not the steel one, and the engine is 4 cyls.
  • haroldfharoldf Posts: 8
    I'm looking at a Base 4cyl Silver with:

    Roof rack and cross bars
    daytime running lights
    17 inch styled wheels (not alloy)
    Tonneau cover (spelling?)

    MSRP is $22,455
    Invoice is $21,171 according to dealer
    Price offered to me is $20,000 including freight.

    Floor mats will be extra at dealer cost if I want them. Same with mudguards - they want about $175 installed.

    Tax, tags, and $100 are extra. I don't bother with this stuff since it differs depending upon where one lives.

    Do I grab this tonight/tomorrow?
  • joeyjoejoejoeyjoejoe Posts: 68
    I just found out that my fiance's mother just purchased a used Rav4 this afternoon. I had spoken with her earlier this year after negotiating a steal of a deal on an '08 Honda Pilot myself. I told her to let me know when she wanted to begin the car hunt and I would personally handle all of the negotiations for her. I have yet to learn all of the details of the purchase, but I do know she paid around $18,000 for one with almost 30,000 miles on it.

    Although I'm sure she has a solid vehicle after dealing with a POS Jeep for too many years, it really just annoys me that I could have (with some work of course) gotten her a new '08 4WD for right around the same price. I'm guessing it has to be an '06 or '07. It really can be quite easy negotiating with these dealers. I'm a fairly non-confrontational person when placed face-to-face, but over the phone and especially via e-mail, anything goes. I recommend anyone and everyone give it a shot. The only thing you have to lose is a few minutes of your time. Good luck!
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    Sounds like a really good deal to me.
  • 2008car2008car Posts: 29
    That is just to funny. So should we start at $17,000. about $2000 below invoice? :)
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    That is just to funny. So should we start at $17,000. about $2000 below invoice?

    Personally, I don't like to take the really "lowball" approach, in the same way I don't like the seller to play the "highball" approach with me.

    With a Mitsubishi Outlander, I think you could start at $2000 below invoice, and then give a couple of hundred dollars back in negotiations (traget price around $1500 below invoice). But I doubt the RAV4 could be had for such a low number. My guess is that a 2008 RAV4's best price will be around $800 below invoice...maybe lower as we get closer to the 2009 version launch.
  • haroldfharoldf Posts: 8
    By the way, I got the Base Rav 4 cyl with FWD, all weather floor mats, DRL, roof rack, 17 inch styled wheels, and mudguards for $20K. Tax, tags, and registration were extra. Good luck all. :)
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    According to my check on Edmunds, invoice price for that car is about $21,003 (not sure about the mudguards) it looks like you got it for $1000+ under invoice. Nice result...Congrats!
  • 2008car2008car Posts: 29
    Just an update on my search for the best deal.

    So far I have received $1000 under invoice for a Rav4 and $1200 below invoice for a Honda CR-V.

    I've also received about $1000-$1500 below invoice for a Hyundai Santa Fe plus the Manufacture rebate of $2500. Est. below invoice is $3500-$4000 below invoice.

    I just dont know which car to purchase.
    I've check the resale value on the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Rav4 and it seems that the Santa Fe has a bit better resale value if you compare the purchase price with the rebate.

    More bang for the buck for the Hyundai Santa Fe, but not sure of the reliability of the car (Hyundai Santa Fe)
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    2008car -

    First of all, don't even consider the Hyundai unless you simply don't care about the resale value in 3-5 years. The market is currently flooded with Santa Fe's and someday they are all gonna make nice flower boxes because everybody (except me) will have one.

    As for the RAV4 or CRV, it all depends on whether you're looking for a 4 cyl or a 6 cyl. I am personally willing to give up a few extra bucks each week to get the lower MPG and higher power of a 6 cyl. If you agree, then it's a no brainer because the CRV has no 6 cyl. In fact, IMO, the CRV is an EXTREMELY underpowered 4 cyl SUV and provides very spartan (but honda-like) accoutrements.

    In case you cannot tell, I did buy a 6cyl RAV4 Ltd about 3 months ago. Very, very happy so far. But I went thru the same thought path you are describing so I thought I would expell my 2 cents.
  • enxagaenxaga Posts: 30
    are there any good deals on rav4 3rd row base in Southern California? how comfortable is the 3rd row?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    What part of the country are you getting those kind of quotes on the RAV4 and CRV? Heck of a lot less than here in Tx.
  • 2008car2008car Posts: 29
    You just have to email alot of the dealers and ask will they sell below invoice. If yes then ask more question. If no then go to the next dealer.

    If you find a dealer that hasnt sold many cars then he will most likley sell under invoice, talk to the fleet guy.

    Because of the internet there is the internet department and I think every negoitation should be done via email now adays. it makes your life a lot easier and you dont have the stress of the negoitation.

    if you dont like the price or the dealer just left click or turn off the computer.

    I'm in Southern California
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Ah yes the California market is much different than Texas, thus you are able to get quotes like that.
  • Husband and I want to buy a RAV4 LTD-preapproved by credit union for loan. Will drive to NC, SC, GA, VA, KY, OH or anywhere within a few hundred miles or so. Knoxville dealers seem overpriced -did my research and homework; thanks to this forum. Any suggestions???
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    According to the Toyota website, there are 130 dealerships within 250 miles of Knoxville with 51 of the dealerships having "Presidents Award" status. I would send a Request For Proposal (RFP) to the internet departments of those 51 dealerships for the EXACT RAV4 LTD your are looking for. Weed out the ones who do not provide you with a quote, negotiate with the remaining ones and then take the one with the best price. Remember however that Internet quotes do not typically have a lot of room for negotiating.
  • Just checked the Toyota website -will email the ones within 100 miles tonight with a RFP. Sounds promising -I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  • bumptabumpta Posts: 1
    Hi all-

    First, let me thank everyone on this forum- it has been wonderful in providing me with the best information for buying my new Rav 4. I am an owner of an 06 Rav base model V-6 4x4 with 55000 miles on it. My goal was to see if I could get into a new Rav for approximately what I pay now for my 06 Rav. I believe that overall I got a good deal, but please feel free to offer your feedback.

    I tried to do this deal in parts. First, I secured a good rate from my local credit union for financing. Next, I emailed several dealerships in my area (central Massachusetts) with a specific car request: a 2008 V-6 4x4 Rav base model with the 3rd row seat option. All the cars in the area that have the 3rd row seat option also come with a few other options, like the towing prep package, roof rack, mud guards, and carpeted floor mats. Most dealers either would not offer a deal via email or were around $25000. Acton Toyota offered me $24350, so I decided to start there. I was able to get Acton to come down to a selling price of $24111. Now all I had to worry about was how much they would offer me for my trade, and I told them up front that I would not do the deal if I did not get a good offer. They came back with $15000 as an offer. As good as I thought this was, I asked for another $500.00, and they gave it to me. So my 06 Rav with 55000 miles on it held 62% of its original value... not too shabby!

    So the deal was done- $24111 for the car, $15500 for my trade. All in all, I will end up spending an extra $23 per month for a new Rav compared to what I paid for my 06, and that is simply due to how much I still owe on the 06 Rav.

    There actually is another twist to this story, as Acton couldn't locate the car I wanted in time for a trip I will be taking. My sales rep there, knowing that he would lose a sale, actually told me the locations of other area dealers with this specific car in stock, that would not swap cars with him, so that I could get what I needed in time for my trip. All in all, it was a very honorable thing for him to do.

    I ended up using the offer from Acton to get the car I needed for the same price in Savannah Metallic at Toyota of Greenfield, although they did not seem pleased at all to honor the same deal that I got offered at Acton. Although Acton Toyota lost a sale, they have not lost me as a customer. I will continue to get my car serviced through them, and when I need to buy my next car, I will make them my first stop.

    Let me know your thoughts...
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    I negotiated $300 below invoice for a 2008 Rav4 FWD V6 loaded with a lot of features. In the end, I decided to buy a Nissan Rogue instead.

    I am located in Santa Barbara area of California. It's difficult to get good prices here because there are few dealers and competition is light. If I was in Los Angeles or Ventura, I am sure I could get a better deal.
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